Thursday, June 14, 2012

Overheard at our house

Ella: "Daddy what are those balls on your arms?"
Tony "muscles."
"what do they look like when they aren't balls"
"long and skinny"
"oh like bacon!!"

Layla from upstairs with the sound of a door opening and closing ,probably the dryer door
"Kitty kitty stuck "

Tony "Layla did u put cat in the Dryer"

Dryer door opens and slams

"Kitty meow kitty stuck"
"kitty kitty ouchy kitty meow !!"

Door opens; cat flies downstairs.

Pretty sure it was in the dryer

Ella staring puzzled at her partially empty plate:
"where is all the food I ate?!"

I served the kids soup for lunch. Lacis bowl was hot so i sat it on a plate .
Ella: "Why does laci get to eat like a princess?"

She looks over at Layla who is eating her noodles off a paper plate with her hands :

"yay Layla gets to eat like a maid"

"you're quite the little farm girl Ellie"


"Do farm girls have lots of stuff- bc I don't want to be like an orphanage"

As she tucks an iPod into her skirt...

Random Ella

"I want togive a horse a knife"


"How do people get in commercials? jump through tv?"
Starts running.

Me "Ella dont run at the tv"

"but I want to be a star!"

Layla is holding a cat near her head.

Ella: " Cats are not hats"

Ella after being sent to her room for a tantrum, calms and comes back down declaring

"mom, I'm in the best mood I could find"

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