Thursday, May 23, 2013

Overheard At My House

I feel burdened down without a lot lately with this whole adoption thing. It really –every single facet of it- weighs on your mind, all day .  Its just a lot for ordinary people to take on, especially ordinary people who didn’t plan on it . AT ALL.

However, at least I have ample comic relief in the form of three little girls who also are on my mind ALL DAY, being that they are around me non stop . (yes of course, even in the bathroom)

And that brings us to another installment of :
Overheard In My House 
*and elsewhere…

Ella at my book club while staring at an unopened ice cream cake in the center of the table.
(complete with hand gestures and asserting herself as though she was a member)

 “Look, all these things we been talking about here are ‘parthetic’ ! What I need to know is when do ya think youre going  to be cutting into that ice cream cake?!”

Ella on the way home from the same night of book club… we drove by the Palace theatre where apparently a black clad jazz band had performed. A big white unmarked van was out front and the black clothed musicians were loading in cases of likely instruments and even a huge roll of carpet- hurriedly.

*gasp* “that’s the first time I saw a real live ROBBERY!”

Layla walking through the worst store ever… Walmart. 

“Daddy, Daddy!!! DADDY!  Him have elbows just like YOU!”

(about every single man that went by 😂)

Layla after trying to do something typically Layla disastrous and destructive…

Me: Don’t do that… I’ll be mad....”

Layla: looking up with a rotten but sweet smile and sing song reply

“NO You woooont”

Laci was complaining about Ella breaking yet another Barbie.

Seriously we have Barbie limbs everywhere, a few disembodied heads… I don’t know if Barbies are just made far more junkily than when I was a kid or if I should be worried…

Me: Ella just how do you manage to always tear Barbies limb from limb?
Ella: Strongness. I do it with strongness. That’s how Im so strong.

Ella on Layla who was acting particularly angry and irrational even for Layla.

Very seriously and hushed

“ You suppose shes got the RABIES?!”

(also, she often phrases things like shes from the 40s. Im not sure why but its always amusing.)

Speaking of misplaced decade behavior…
Ella did a Great Gatsby style photo shoot for me. She loved it. Which led to her thinking she should be able to see the Pg 13 movie.
I went with my bestie one night and Ella about had a fit. Even more so when I went with church book club friends!

“But Mom I want to see it. “
“No Ella, youre too young. Ill buy the dvd when it comes out and you can see pieces”
“Pieces? I need to see it ALL!”
“ You cant.”
“What do you mean ‘I cant’. Don’t you know?! Im a real live flapper! Who ever heard of a flapper not being allowed to see ‘the Gatsby’ “

(incidentally this was also on the ice cream cake and first time robbery witness night. It was an interesting few hours)

I get tired of being asked every hour what is for their next meal.Sometimes while eating one meal theyre asking the menu for the next. Its tiring. So one day when Layla started to ask- while eating I told her we were eating the bunny.

“NOOOOO we not eat bun bun”
Short pause….
“Can I have some?”

Layla is difficult impossible to potty train. One day I told her Mickey Mouse told me no more diapers are allowed at Walt Disney World. (she asks to go there- Daily)
Her Reply:

“I say  him ‘Mickey shup ‘ “ (shut up)

Well that was effective…

Ella playing Just Dance 4 to One Direction.
Song – Oh oh oh You don’t know youre beautiful….
Ella stops mid dance shakes the wii mote at the screen

“Oh yes I do MISTER”

Layla sometimes likes to call Ella - Mommy Ella.           
I’m pretty sure it was Ellas idea because they’ve been doing it for quite awhile and Ella loves it.
One day Layla decided that I was then Aunt Mandy and kept calling me that instead of Mommy and kept arguing when I said I was mommy.

Soon enough a diaper needed changed.

I needy my diaper changed.
Oh well, tell your mommy.
No you change it Aunt mandy…
Um no aunts don’t change diapers Mommies do. Oh mommy  Ella…
No you change me.
Only if I’m mommy…
Ella : NO I’m Mommy!
(Layla gives her a little shove)
No my diaper need changey!
So being reinstated I changed her.
It was just no number too and I informed her of that and said that Ella could have changed this one…
Layla rolls her eyes half annoyed and half suspiciously over at Ella and sighs.