Sunday, July 8, 2012

Disney Pre--Trip 2011

We had waited three years since our last visit and after six months of saving, planning and disboards reading the time was here – we were headed to Disney World!

The last time we were at “The World” Laci had just turned 5 and Ella was a tiny 9 month old.  Though she had technically been there before and loved it, waving for the first time in her life (at Pluto) screaming in joy at princesses – for me this was Ellas first “real” trip and I couldn’t have been more excited.
Being a three year old means you are obsessed with all things princesses – especially when you have a princess loving older sister and a room full of princess gowns. A normal day at our house consists of multiple wardrobe changes. I have no idea why I have so many regular clothes for the kids as they spend their days wandering about in renaissancestyle gowns provided by the Disney store.  A princess dress is the uniform of their childhood.

This, I knew, would make this trip special for all of us. I cried everytime thinking of those giant blue eyes lighting up as the castle first came into sight, as she saw Ariel, Cinderella and Belle at the three o clock parade and the sheer joy when she would finally get to meet them and hug them. I knew it was going to be magical.
I was a little worried about Laci – being 8. Our last visit she was 5 and still very much enthralled with all things Disney. And while she still is a Disney-phile, the innocent simple faith of childhood is being washed from her eyes and I worried that she would see through my explanation from our first visit that the “animal “ type characters cannot talk because in our world animals don’t talk but Mickey and friends can talk in the cartoon world just like on the movie Enchanted….

Of course the challenge of having Layla just having her first birthday the day before we departed on our Disney adventure weighed on my mind and kind of dampened a bit of my pre disney excitement. Going to Walmart with these three is a hardship what will 7 days in the World be?  The stress of that thought was pushed aside though as I remembered how much Ella had loved her trip as an even younger baby and I knew that despite being a stroller hater on  a normal day would be provided with enough sensory input in Magic Kingdom to make her endure sitting in a stroller much of the day.  The added task would be entertaining three kids at different ages and excitement level.

The day before we left was sheer chaos. It was Laylas birthday and I was determined to not allow her first  birthday be overshadowed by this trip.  It really already had been as most of my organizing/planning faculties had been directed towards making this trip perfect .  In order to not further push her day into the background I spent the week prior staying up til 4 and  5 am trying to get things ready. In a silly notion I had decided I wanted to make the girls adorable custom Disney outfits  like all the boutiques sell.  Great idea- just not a month out from the trip date. So I had to finish all these things, pack, and of course clean the house top to bottom – because everyone knows the cumpulsory need for a spotless house before vacation.
By the day before we left- Laylas birthday- I was a zombie. A severely behind in her duties zombie. We enjoyed a nice day of cake and presents before Tony left for work.  Instead of packing we put together her cozy coupe car. Madness. 

After running to stores to get last minute supplies for the trip and last minute sewing neccessities –no I had not finished their outfits (or mine and Tony’s costumes. Yes costumes for the parents) but was determined to do so, I came back to finish packing. Did I mention I way over pack. It’s a sickness.
We were travelling from MD to FL with three young kids. I felt we needed ample entertainment.  And snacks. Lots of snacks.  Each girl had at least one big bag of toys. Not to mention the Disney stuffed animals they “had “ to take with them (about 20. I am not lying) in a suitcase, our entire Disney DVD collection along with some other kid movies, a cooler, a huge tote of candy; chips; cookies and general unhealthiness, a new thirty one bag filled with coloring books and art supplies. This was in addition to our several suitcases of clothing – including one full of dress up clothes.

Yes my girls dress daily as princesses in the park. If they want to walk around in itchy organza and a full four layer skirted dress in the oppressive Orlando heat- im going to let them. It makes a great photo.
My husband was ready to kill me as he packed the car –even a roof cargo holder- full. There was just enough room for human occupants as we left- 7 hours later than planned.
I popped in a Newsboys dvd and blasted our travel theme song  with the lyric “everywhere we go that’s where the party’s at” and off we went.
We made it a couple of hours and hit Berkely Springs when Ella asked
“is this Disney?” 
Wow were her expectations low!
Ella’s bladder cooperated with my first Target sighting somewhere in VA. Tony had said no to Target and a little voice yelled “I have to PEE” and mommy said “YES that Target has a bathroom! “ 
After scooping up Great buys on cute clearanced shorts and a flip video camera purchase for me to more easily document my trip and make a fun travel video for us to enjoy we finally made It to our first rest stop- just inside NC.
Rocky mount NC was far far from our planned overnight stay in Savannah GA.
Tony was not at all happy.

The next day we left at 10 am – again late and continued the venture. Our destination wasn’t Orlando but The Villages – Floridas friendliest hometown.
We were spending two nights with Tonys grandmother before our Disney extravaganza. We didn’t arrive there til about 10 pm but being that we werent under a reservation for a couple days I really wasn’t stressing on how long it took to get there. Car rides are about the only time tony and I have time to talk.
Did I mention all the toys I packed to entertain the monsters on the 16 hour car ride werent touched?

 \The couch potatoes were fully entertained the entire time with dvds. Kind of sad really, but I don’t let them watch much tv at home so I suppose they were making up for it. In all honesty I didn’t care I was just glad there was no crying and tearing out of each others eyes. 
Lesson : $100 for a set of portable DVD players will save you from fights and free up three suitcases worth of room on a long trip. Buy them.

The following day we spent a nice day swimming at the family pool at The Villages , chasing geckos and counting hunreds of golf carts.
They even drive those things to Target and Walmart. Amazing.
  It was nice to visit family and have a  day of down time before our real trip began but the anticipation was mounting. Ella spent her pool time reenacting the Little Mermaid – making me sing the entire score. Thankfully we were the only ones there – aside from one young guy sitting in a cabana pretending to read as I made a fool of myself.

^^ the youngest people in The Villages by about 90 years.

 Pointing out geckos.
 Finding geckos and spying on retirees.

                                looking for the elusive outer space geckos

After minnie mouse manicures the girls surprisingly went to sleep without issue.  I on the other hand stayed up gluing rhinestones on their outifits. Its not like I would have slept anyway – I was going to Disney the next day!!!
Still having stayed up til about three I woke ready and eager at 6 am. I am not an early riser but the prospect of Disney will get me moving.

Interested in The Villages ( who wouldn't be with the  peeping tom toddlers and herds of golf carts described in this post?) check out Dwellable for more info!


Monday, July 2, 2012

Of Keurigs and toddlers

Lessons from today.

If you smell coffee very strongly while cleaning do not take the time to determine whether youhad brewed some and forgot or acquired without knowledge a coffee scented candle knowing your husband would never bring one in the house because he hates the smell of coffee.

Instead immediately find your toddler who has most assuredly bitten through your iced vanilla k cup and sprinkling it throughout the downstairs focusing on the couch.

Do not get distracted while cleaning up this mess and continue to vacuum because it needs done anyway. The coffee wasting toddler will take this glimmer of opportunity to procure yet another precious k cup, bite through it silently and reconstruct the coffee ground masterpiece you have so rudely and unappreciatively sucked up in your dyson exactly as it was before.

You will not get ahead in cleaning, you will instead be out fifteen minutes and two delicious cups of iced coffee goodness .

If your husband offers to get the stupid k cup holder when buying you a keurig never refuse, rationalizing that you have plenty of unused drawers in your kitchen. Kitchen drawers provide ample opportunities for mischief for unruly toddlers who hate to see you get ahead.

Never believe you can get your entire house clean with kids still living with you.

Never try to clean with a toddler at home without siblings or other supervision. The more you clean- the messier your house will become.

Instead , Be smart. Instead of cleaning brew an iced coffee and sit down and watch a real housewives marathon.

Coffee in your mouth is better than coffee in your couch.

^^^^ destructive force packaged in adorability . Be advised.

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