Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Project life week 10 and 11

I had my computer being worked on last week so I'm posting 2 weeks on this one. I'm still missing a couple pictures :(

Laci working on homework. I feel like its all we do when home.

I love taking pictures of my little Sleeping Beauty.

She came home from my parents asleep clutching the sun catcher she made it story hour at the library. I just thought it was so sweet she was holding on to it while she slept. She's very proud of it. Makes me sad she is old enough to make crafts.

Ella found her new great love today- "icy drinks" as she calls them. The smallest size at Sheetz was 24 oz and she sucked every bit of that icy blue goodness down. I was concerned because the name of the flavor had Mountain Dew in it. I guess it wasn't as caffeinated as Dew thank God!!!
This week has been particularly rough. I feel like I haven't gotten any sleep and Ella has been difficult as well, clingy and cranky and restless at night. I was cleaning up after making 2 lasagnas-one for this night and one to freeze. I didn't get finished cooking til 9 which is when we finally ate! As I was trying to clean a little of my mess through pregnancy induced sciatic nerve pain I turn and see a toboganned Ella trying to put tiny flakes of parsley back in the bottle she had just thrown everywhere. I suppose I should be glad she was trying to clean it up.... I wanted to cry out of exhaustion but saw that hat and her fruitless attempts at cleaning and had to laugh so I grabbed the camera. My mother in law has a similar picture of Tony sitting in a pile of flour after dumping 2 bags out. I contend this is irrefutable proof her rotteness comes from him.
She is into wearing everyone elses clothes. This is my robe giant on her. It made me laugh. I think in this picture she is imitating Dracula.
Ella got new jammies. Silk pandas and she loves them. I thought she looked so cute but too much like a big girl :( she's growing by leaps and bounds every day.

This is the box to my Jim Shore nativity set. Or should I say was. She enjoys cramming herself into nooks and crannies. She's insane and cracks me up I never know what she's going to get into-literally.
Another icy drink. This time she chose orange cream to match her dress. I'm not sure why she doesnt' get brain freeze.
Pretty Laci.

Finally some nice weather! The girls were excited to ride their bikes and scooters though Ella wanted to ride everything of Laci's. Its going to be difficult this summer between her fighting for Laci's things and me bending over pushing her on toddler bikes with my pregnant belly and sore back...

Friday we took the girls to Chuck E. Cheese. Unfortunately I opted for Tony's small camera instead of my giant dslr for the occasion only to find the memory card was still in my computer's memory card slot i just discovered and that computer was in the shop. I took a couple with my phone which does not seem to want to link up with my computer so no Friday picture. We had a great time though. We took the kids to the mall because I forgot to bring Laci a change of clothes so she didn't have to wear her stupid school uniform. She picked a cute whirly skirt with sequins from Old Navy and a mermaid shirt and flip flops. So nice to see summery clothes!!! Ella ended up having to get an outfit too even though her gymbo outfit was adorable. She found a Hello Kitty tutu she had to have and a monkey shirt that she does not want to part with to be washed even. The girls had a great time at Chuck E. Cheese, I just wish we didn't have to drive an hour away to get to one!
Ella is really working hard on potty training. She has 2 stars because she kept going on her own without me even asking. Maybe this will not be as difficult as I thought!!! The potty book with the star chart has really been a great incentive! I just love her little baby hands in this picture so precious.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Take a look at Lisa Leonard's jewelry. So pretty and you can customize many of the designs to your own family. Pass the word along to my hubby if you don't mind...

Monday, March 15, 2010

Not Me Monday

I did not convince my two year old that the annoying inserts and coupons in my magazine were magical tickets that I was giving her to go look at in another room so I could take a warm bath trying to rid myself of a migraine. She'd never fall for that...

I did not drop my cell minutes to the next plan down because my bestie switched to the same network so I don't need nearly as many minutes now to save money. I then did not use that savings to upgrade my text plan...

I didn't sneak off to Chick Fil-A while Laci was in dance and Ella was sleeping to satisfy a craving (and eat for the first time today) and then make them eat at home...

What haven't you done this week?

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Project Life Week 9

I'm having trouble remembering to take picutres. Trying to feel good enough to get things done when I can has been my focus. Now that I'm starting to feel better I hope I'll do better!

Ella had Mickey and Minnie join her to watch their show. She's so funny
Laci's school had spirit week. This is the getup she chose for pajama day. Note the pajama pants to another set of pj's and of course the cowGIRL boots. She will not hear them called cowboy boots. I think she's worn them to school daily since this. I hate cow boots boy or girl :D
This is Hillbilly day. She just looks like Hannah Montana lol. She's wearing my shirt (its miley cyrus ha so maybe that's why). She's a cute hill person.
The girls playing Wii Princess. Ella loves it-obviously.
I had a nuchal translucency test on Thursday. It combines a measuring of the fluid in the baby's neck w/blood serum results to give you a ration on your risk for different genetic problems, the main one being Down's Syndrome. The neck reading was very low which is good, haven't heard back on the blood yet. The baby wouldn't cooperate I had to keep rolling around on the table trying to get into the exact position. It also was doing reverse crunches the whole time and was really kicking at one point. It was funny b/c the legs are usually bunched up at this point so it was neat to see it all stretched out and all the tiny individual bones in the legs and feet. How people can say they aren't really babies or life.....
Here's the face. Not the most flattering shot and kind of scary actually! It does have a nose. On the profile we could really see it which was important because that is a soft marker for down's syndrome if they don't have a visible tip. We had to redo the ultrasound actually because the tech hadn't gotten a clear enough picture of the nose! We saw the baby for almost an hour I'd say. I didn't feel I needed it as far as my age and risk factor. It was just another chance for an ultrasound so I scheduled the test ;D
My sleepy ballerina. She doesn't sleep peacefully despite what this picture depicts.

Potty training! Here she is after a successful attempt holding her starchart in her potty book. She has 3 stars. One a week. At this rate we'll be trained by second grade.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Project LIfe week 8

We had a pretty uneventful week. I spent it mostly just feeling pretty queasy and the girls ran the house!!!

I read somewhere that a neat thing to do to mark each year of your child's life and see how they've grown is around their birthday take pictures them in your wedding dress. Ella didn't cooperate so well but this is what I got. We'll be trying again...

She decided the outfit needed a nice hat provided by Laci's American Girl doll. She would not wear the veil.

She then wanted a Belle photoshoot...

This was Laci's homecoming game and her bag of goodies I brought for her.
...and a Finding Nemo shoot...as long as SHE picks the outfit she's happy :D

I can't find Thursday, probably didn't take one...

The girls made their first fort and had lots of fun and a big mess to clean! After this picture they put on their winter gear to "prepare for the storm that was coming" as they hid in the fort.

Laci's last game for the year...