Saturday, April 28, 2012

Overheard in the Carey house

While eating lunch.

Ella: "are we training after this Laci?"

Me:" training for what "

Ella : (singing) "Kung Fu Panda. Legends of AWESOMENESS"

Later that night on the way home from picking up chinese.

Ella: what's for dinner for me
Me: chicken Lo mein
Ella: Chicken lemonade?
me: lo mein
Ella:singing again- chicken lemonade oh lo lo lo
All the while Layla is chanting "fry fry fry fry fry" because she recognized the Golden Arches for the first time.

Tony: We need to have a serious conversation about driving to Florida.

Also all in the same night Ella made the connection that all new foods must first be eaten at Disney world. It stemmed from a conversation about Laci saying carrot cake is gross but after a forced bite at Pecos Bills in Magic Kingdom she loved it.

So later that night when Laci announced that she had tried snow peas before and did not like them Ella asks

So you tried snow peas at Disney world right laci"

I love how her little mind works.

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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

What big eyes you have

Laci is such a talker and she is a bit controlling, taking over conversations and situations here which means I don't get to really hear Ella and her thoughts much.

A couple week I had a rare opportunity where Laci was at a friends and I picked Ella up from her sleep over with her bestie- alone.

On the way home she indulged me in many tales. I asked her how the play date was and she informed it was fun of course and they had spent that day with her friend's granmother and that they went on a walk in the woods which she did not want to go on.

"well how did it go ?"

"turned out alright "

"oh yeah how so"

"you know, no snakes, no bears, no big bad wolves"

I love her and perspective.
No big bad wolves, what more could a girl ask for?

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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Bringing history to life

Last week I was fed up with the kids taking forever to clean. Going slow for no reason. They have yet to learn I won't do it for them, it's not going away and if you hurry up and do it you're free to do what you wish.

I had no more motivators so I declared no one would get lunch until they finished. It was a task that could be done within a half hour so no one was going to starve.

Later that week we were doing our history lesson with the girls and we were discussing Jamestown. It got to a part where the colony was failing because of lazy sluggards who were taking advantage of the communal aspect, not working but eating the fruits of others labors. (too much welfare anybody???)

And so things had to change :

"he who does not work, will not eat" - Capt John Smith Jamestown

Tony (who was not home for the playroom lunch deal, or the clean bedroom lunch deal which later transpired due to the success of the playroom deal) said
"see and you think we are mean!"

To which Laci simply replied:

"Mommy belongs in Jamestown"

Just doing my part to bring history to life.

"He who does not work, will not eat"

I think I'll get this made into a sign. It's quite effective.

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Monday, April 16, 2012

And the three princesses saved the kingdom from the momm ydragon

Having three kids is tough. Having three kids home all day everyday is fodder for insanity. Throw in rare opportunities for them to be babysat- I get spread thin.

Thank God they're cute.

And creative.

After a particularly daunting week- for no other reason other than it just was, I had just about waved the flag of surrender.

Then imagination kicked in.

Theirs not mine.

Ella came out and handed me these papers.

They were her catalog of hairstyles to choose from. Apparently I had a hair appointment.

But not just from anyone.

I had a Royal Princess to do my style.

And with hair like that, surely she must be an expert.

After rapunzel finished my hair with a myriad of bobbled and ribbons, the doorbell rang. Expecting Tony dropping off lunch I opened the door- and saw a man who was not mu husband, hair full of random barrettes and wild ribbons. Hooray.(sorry no pictures)

After my embarrassing porch encounter with a surprisingly straight faced man confirming which trees he was supposed to trim for the electric company, Ella gave me a show.

YouTube Video

And never one to miss out on attention- Layla joined in.

Here she is pre wig literally stealing ellas thunder.

We all sang along to the Tangled soundtrack. A break from reality into fairytale world was just what I needed.

And they all lived happily ever after.... For a few hours anyway.

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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Whimsy - not the kind you buy on Etsy

Ella is whimsy.

She is not whimsical- she is whimsy personified. And I love it.

Her wild hair, her giant sparkling blue eyes, whispy frame of a body. She is whimsy.

Of course her personality also. Obviously that is where the whimsy lives.

And her style.

Oh to be not be self conscious and to think Mermaid tales were appropriate shopping attire.

I nearly made her change to matching flip flops, but when one is wearing a Mermaid Tail does footwear matter?

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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I love you too

We've waited for months since Layla started talking, jabbering even, we've tried to get her to say it probably daily only for her to not even try. She's said words like princess and Cinderella, complicated I'd say for any baby tongue but one phrase that seems so easy to us apparently was to hard to even attempt to her- love you.

Last night she finally said it :) I was organizing the masses of clothes we have(three small fashionistas) and switching out seasons. Ella opened my bedroom door and said "I love mommy"
Then Layla, always trying to be like her sisters said " I wub mommy"

Yay! It was so exciting and for the next half hour I tried to get her to repeat it. Most of the time she skipped the best part opting for "I mommy" . I know what she meant so I still count it. She threw in some "I daddy" also.

She's growing so much and has the craziest little baby personality. She laughs so hard you can't help but be caught up in it. Before the I love yous, last night she spent a half hour laughing at a meow mix commercial. I had to keep rewinding it, but it was worth because as soon as the two cats came on she would lose it.

She loves her sisters and yells for them all day long. Her face just lights up when they take her off to play. She will look back at us as she is carried off with the proudest smile.

She runs all day from room to room tearing apart whatever she can find. It drives me crazy because I can never keep everything clean, but there will be days for that later. Now all I can do is laugh at her toddler insanity and pick up what I can while she tears apart something right behind me.

She's a little snuggle bunny and really drains me since she still nurses like a four month old. She gets upset anytime I'm up being productive and ive figured out it's because I'm less accessible to her. She likes to lead me to the couch and try to push me down on it. The message is clear- I'm expected to sit on the couch all day so I'm available to be climbed on and hold her at a moments notice. Now if she could just arrange for a maid to clean her messes, I'd gladly comply to the compulsive couch sitting.

She's such special fun little girl with funny quirks like listing all day family members and pointing out eyes on everything (all we hear lately is eye , eye , eye) we love her so much. So good to finally hear her say the same.

" why aren't you sitting where I put you"

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