Thursday, September 22, 2011

Get OUT of my happy meal Michelle!

The latest victim of the Obama's " we know better than you" regime is the McDonalds happy meal.

Being late at night after an outing and too low on energy to whip up a culinary masterpiece I drove my kids through McDonalds on our way home. I ordered their usual - one cheeseburger happy meal and one nugget happy meal.

Layla (1) was wailing so I asked Laci to share her fries til I ran through Arby's to get my food to share with Layla.

"I would if I had fries mom. All I have is apple slices and some toy box of fries"

"what" I yell , irritated that once again our order was messed up at this particular location.

Laci didn't mind as she likes the creepy non browning apples anyway.( Ella however screamed the whole way home and wouldn't even eat my yummy Arby's curly fries. )

I looked in her box to see the teeny tiny "toy" box of fries holding about seven sad little spears of fried potato.

And the actual toy.

I realized immediately that we'd been had. McDonalds has bowed to the shouts of Michelle that our kids are obese and instead of giving us the choice of apples and fries they've scaled the fries back to a gnome portion and thrown Ina couple of slices of apple to compensate.

This irritates me on a number of levels.

1 it's McDonalds. Expecting it to be healthy is like expecting Snooki and the jersey shore cast to come up clean on any type of blood or urine test you administer them.

2 I can fully decide if my kid should have apples or fries. I don't Michelle or Ronald McDonald choosing for me thanks.

3 those apples are weird. They don't ever brown. What chemicals are on this mutant fruit? At least I know the effects of a dreaded fry.

4 previously we could decide fries or apples. Now you get both
and the apple portion is smaller than it used to be. To get a full meal the kids have to eat the gnome portion of fries. How is that healthier?

So yet another fail on the part of government stepping on toes through pointless campaigns for the greater good.

I'd say boycott McDonalds happy meals .... But that's just what they want you to do isn't it ;)

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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Happy Birthday to my beautiful baby Layla Grace.

The day after Ella turned two I took a pregnancy test- it was positive. Shocker.

Nine months later a beautiful red headed baby entered our lives just as the sun was rising.

I knew she was going to be a spirited baby to put it mildly. Anytime the nurses moved her arms she screamed in protest only to quickly calm immediately when they let go. This girl knew what she wanted.

I remember her sisters coming with my best friend and her husband and kids to visit their new baby for the first time.

Throughout my pregnancy Ella had a hard time dealing with feeling replaced. She insisted I call her "baby" not girl of any form. Shed even shout during lullabies if I sang little girl so all lyrics had to be changed to baby. She would snuggle up against my big round belly and say "I'm your baby, mama"

And she was. And she is.

The first thing she said to me after looking at the face of her new baby sister was

" Mama I want to be a big girl now. I need to be her big sister."

That is one of my favorite memories.

And what wonderful big sisters shes had.

Over the past year its been a joy - often bittersweet as i hate to see each phase fade away- watching Layla develop.

She has maintained that take no prisoners attitude and shown a perseverance Ive never before seen in any person. One day this will suit her well in her endeavours but in the meantime I have been run ragged meeting the demands of this beautiful tyrant. She will not stop crying or yelling til you give her what she wants and immediately her cries cease.

One day at about six months I decided some tough love. I was finishing up a sewing project for Laci and decided that when Layla started crying in her jumperoo she would just have to wait.I was nearby talking soothingly to her the whole time not ten feet away in the same room and fully visible. I wanted her to learn she didn't have to be on my person to be with me.

A forty five minute stand off ensued.

She cried. She wailed. she screamed til she was hoarse.

I wanted to pick her up but felt this progress and tears would be wasted so as I heard winding down (likely from exhaustion and sore throat not lack of will) I went to her and said her name.

She turned her head-away from me.

I said her name again.

She stared blankly ahead vacantly.

I picked her up and tried to cuddle her.

She didn't respond.

She had gone pretty much into a disassociative state at the drop of a hat.

She was punishing me.

It was then I realized what a personality I had on my hands. She surely had more force of will than I had. I was in for it.

It persists still and while the above story sounds like she is a "brat" or hard to deal with she isnt. She needs ALOT , but she gives a lot.

She has the brightest smile and heartiest laugh. She kisses with gusto. Her personality is huge and she already plays tricks on us and jokes around.

She brings so much joy to our lives on a daily basis. Though she is demanding and rotten as they come, her personality filled adventurous spirit and the ensuing adventures are making so many memories for us. Much more so than of she were the average Laid back child. (at least this is what I tell myself while picking up scraps of shredded toilet paper or retrieving her from whatever obscure place she has squeezed herself into)

As I've watched her grow over the last year and traits develop the sweetest to develop is the sisterly bond my three girls share.

Laci and Ella were very close. And now Layla completes it. They share a love I don't see in many siblings. Her first words every morning are "ella ella" calling for her big sister. The big sister who didn't want to be a big girl but one look at this baby and she knew she must take her place. I think somehow something happened in that moment that bonded them together because the love they share is deep and beautiful.

Layla you have been such a joy to your family. I love cuddling with you all day and if that is what you need, I will happily oblige. The house can be cleaned another time, messes will always return but these precious moments with you as a baby are far too fleeting and far too few. You are beautiful like your sisters and your personality complements theirs. With two kids we thought we were finished but you came along and proved how wrong we were. You were the missing beautiful piece that tied it all together and made the family complete. You have captured all our hearts. We love you baby girl. Happy first Birthday!

For the coming year may I ask one thing? Please stop growing so fast. I know you want to be like your sisters but I need you to be a baby for just a bit longer....

Friday, September 2, 2011

Eight years too quickly

Eight years ago a bright red headed baby girl captured the attention of the maternity floor of the hospital she was born in and the hearts of her mommy and daddy.

She turned eight years old this week and I'm in utter disbelief! Not only can I not be old enough to be the mother of an eight year old but my baby can't possibly
be eight already.

She's grown from a cute pudgy red headed baby who garnered the attention of people everywhere we went to a beautiful red haired freckle faced little girl who still gets the attention of strangers most places we go. Not only does her hair shine but so does her personality. She is kind and loving - the best big sister that Layla and Ella could ask for. She is an creative little girl who loves dance and art and is quite good at both. She's witty and clever surprising people with words beyond her eight years.

Over these eight years she's made me laugh with her crazy costumes and performances. She's made me proud in her endeavors. She's made me crazy with her fierce independence streak. But most of all she made me a mommy and will always hold a special place among kids for that reason.

Happy Birthday Laci Bug!

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