Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Project Life week 26

This was another one of those weeks where I didn't necessarily take a picture every day but we had many days where there was more than one picture from the day that I'd want to use. I'd much rather use another cute picture from the same day than have mundane pictures just to fill it because I didn't take a shot Wednesday or Friday...

Align Center

Tony giving the girls yet another "tour" of the house.

Ella at the top of the staircase. We're keeping the original because its so pretty. We're stripping
it though- mahogany underneath and just doing a natural stain.
Wanted to keep some original
things since the house
has been in the family- some history.

The view outside of Ella's window this day. They started
doing hay and had the hay wagon out. I
still find it funny I'm going to live on a farm.

These are the vents that allowed heat to flow through the house.
We're talking OLD farmhouse.
We're refinishing the original floors
and were going to take these out
but the floor guy thinks the patch
job won't look super so we're leaving them in.
We're going to sand them down and shine them up.
The contractor loves the house and is very happy
we're keeping an original detail like these.
At first I was not thrilled but I think they're
pretty cool now. More history.

Thursday we went to Idlewild Park and Storybook Forest with
Tony's family in visiting from Colorado.
Ashlyn and Old King Cole.
Wish I could have kept her here.
Ella really took to her, sometimes she was the only
one who could calm her.

Ella as one of the seven dwarves. Her little short
nose and petite features are quite
dwarf like lol.

Ella and Snow White. Look how happy.
Can't wait to take her to Disney next year!

Little pig Little pig Let me in!

Ella with the Old Woman who lived in a shoe. She didn't
like her. Had to have grandma sit with her.
The Old Woman was insistent Ella
come see her. Guess
she wanted another child to
stuff in the shoe.

Ella with the Old Woman's shoe. She kept
"Stinky old shoe stinky old shoe"
as she ran through it.

Laci going on to the Goodship Lollipop.

Laci and Abby in front of
Humpty Dumpty.
I could be wrong but I think when I was
a kid he swayed back and forth.
He's kind of old now and just sits there.

In a big tractor.

She insisted on her outfit and it was so funny.
A swimsuit and pajama pants.
At least it matched.
She loves farm machinery.
Her motto is
"I like to wear fancy dresses and dig in the dirt"

Laci looks like a little farm girl with her hair and freckles.
Good luck getting her to do any work of any kind though.

I like the angle of this one.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Project Life Week 23

Some pictures I took after Laci's recital on Sunday.

Tony let Laci drive the car around for the first time at the farm lol. It was scary.
Ella hanging out in the upstairs bathroom. First time we saw it framed in.

Laci got to visit Cat Deely and her kittens in the barn for the first time. There are 4. Three gray and one black and white.
The girls making English Muffin pizzas. They had fun making them but didn't eat them Spoiled kids. I thought all kids liked these.
I loved Ella's little feet in these Old Navy gladiator sandals. Just had to take a picture of her little pink toes.
This is my Ella sleeping sweetly. This night inspired the blog below.

I forgot earlier to add the 3d ultrasound of the baby! Here is a profile picture of her. She was head down and kept putting her arms in front of her face so not cooperating for the tech as usual. We went in for a retake of her spine since she didn't give them a good look last time. It was just a normal ultrasound but she switched to the 3d mode at the end just to give us a look which was nice because I've never had one before.
Everything looks good and she was weighing about 2lbs 3 oz which surprised me because that sounds high for 26 weeks but the tech said no its normal...

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Precious Time

I need to be in bed now but wanted to capture a moment.
Life is so hectic sometimes that the most important moments slip right through the fingers on our busy hands. Maybe its the pregnancy but the last several days I've become very reflective on how quickly my girls are growing and how much I might be missing of them while distracted with meaningless tasks or diversions.

Tonight was one of those times where if we were in a movie the director would use the effect where the subjects were in focus and nearly still in slow motion and the rest of the scene would whirl in a blur about them.

All it took was for my little baby to come toddling in fresh from my mother in laws toting her much beloved "Melmo" blanket and paci. Before I could see her I could hear her "I want to 'nuggle Mommy" she came over bewildered that I was sitting in the lounger (pregnancy induced sciatica giving me fits after trying to have a productive Friday afternoon and evening) and asked if I'd "sit ova' dere" pointing to the couch where she likes to cozy up and doze off. I told her no that she could squeeze in here and slightly reluctant she hoisted herself and all her sleep gear in between me and the arm of the chair into a space just perfectly sized for her compact sweet body.

She rested her head in the crook of my arm and uncharacteristically closed her eyes immediately and drifter off to sleep. That alone would catch my attention but there was something sweet about the moment, or maybe it was the soothing tones of David Crowder's "All I Can Say" (available on itunes ;D ) playing at the perfect time but all I could do was look down and stare endlessly at her sweet face.

The long dark lashes that rest delicately on her cheek.
The tiniest little nose that has amazed me since I first laid eyes on her by being the smallest and cutest I've ever seen.
The way her hair curls frame her cheeks like a vintage photograph and the new tiny baby curls that have just begun to sprout and encircle her brow in a golden cascade of beauty.

I just wanted to freeze that moment- and for short time it felt like all time had stopped as I stared in awe of this beautiful little baby girl who so often I dread putting to sleep because I see it as a chore that ends with a fight. Tonight she reminded me how blessed I am that I have her to put to sleep-be it with a fight to the end or a sweet snuggle into dreamland.

I looked down at her and saw how long her arms are getting and how strong her legs look. The tiny feet that carry her to one adventure and mess to another now aren't as tiny and soft. I remembered that she's growing far too quickly and even in days like I've had in the past few weeks with newfound tantrum tactics and challenges I can't forget what a blessing she is and that she won't be tiny for long. That the things I sometimes look at now as burdensome, I'll one day soon think back on with a tear in my eye and wonder why I didn't take more time to just pause life and drink it in. To savor the sweetness of each sloppy baby kiss and cry for mommy in the night.

But for now, I look back to her little perfect lips still holding in a paci and her plump precious hand clutching her blankie and realize I still have some time. Some precious time.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Project life Week 22

Week 22- May 31 to June 5

This was a very eventful week! It was Laci's last week of school and also the week of her dance recital.

We spent our time at school functions and field trips and dance rehearsals!

On top of all that activity our cousins who now live in Colorado came in for a visit. It was nice because Ashlyn used to clog and was able to go to Laci's recital.

Ashlyn and Ella at a picnic celebrating Jeff and Shelli's anniversary. They've become great buddies over this week.

I got an unexpected package Monday afternoon. Inside was a little sushi from my
cousin Heidi. She's a Doctor she okayed me eating
little guys like him while pregnant. We
even went out for some a couple weeks ago
when she was in for a visit.

Laci and Allison on a field trip to Slinky's Action Zone.
Its kind of like Chuck E. Cheese. They had a great time!

Ella's first meal (a hot dog) in her new home. HER new home.
She considers that house all hers and the cows as well.
You can also see where she already got ketchup on
our brand new pretty door.
She'll have the new house broken in
in no time!

Laci's last day of school was a field day
put on by Pastor Troy and his wife Barbara.
They're the children's pastors at the church
her school is based out of.
They are also the parents of her good friend Allison.
I'm so glad Laci and Allison have become close over the last
year. She's a very sweet girl and they seem to get along
very well!
Ella does not like the heat and left field day very early.
I only got this one picture of them together.

Show time!
Friday was the first night of recitals for Laci's dance studio.
They put on a beautiful show as usual. Her teacher Beth really
knows how to do things right!
This year they added a Father/daughter dance to the song
King of the World.
I was sobbing long before Laci was twirled onto stage by her daddy.
It was a very nice night!

Night 2 of the dance rectial-
I helped backstage so I got to see what dancers do
while they wait their turn...
Play and make messes!
The feet in the left bottom corner are
my sister LeighAnnes (you can see her in pink
in the opposite corner). They are
clogging shoes but she said
she felt Amish in them.
So I had to take a picture-
without her knowing.

Monday, June 7, 2010

LIfe's slide show

I was just scanning through my blog trying to see what changes I want to make while I sit up waiting for Tony to get home from work. I haven't technically "blogged" in quite some time, its mainly been my project life pictures and those were sporadically posted at best. I've just been thrown for a loop with this pregnancy and the way it has affected my body that blogging is last on my to do list.

The backup of picture postings with none of my rambling between posts gave me a nice snapshot of the last several months of my life. As I looked at the pictures I've deemed important for each day of our lives this year and some of my favorite songs began to play -an impromptu slide show of our lives - I couldn't help but reflect on how blessed we are.

I can't help but tear up a bit looking the beautiful faces of my 2 little (quickly growing) girls and all that we've been through so far this year. I love them so much and while I feel like we've made many memorable moments this year I feel like I've missed so many more. I've had a rough pregnancy and sat on the sidelines but its still good to see that even so I haven't completely failed them the past few months. Life still went on, their faces still smiled each week.

I look back on these happy moments captured in snapshot and can't help to think about the not so good ones. I think Laci has taken the brunt of the negative impact of this pregnancy as Ella refuses to not give up the high level of attention she has become accustomed to. This has left Laci to have to not only forgo some time and attention she would normally get at a time where I've relied on her a bit to help pick up where I'm lacking.

Laci has had to entertain herself, be a jr. mommy and deal with my less than patient mood over the past few months. I feel like our relationship has certainly been strained at times and seeing the pictures of her smiling face hurts knowing that there were many more times when she should have been smiling and hasn't.

I look forward to a care free summer having her home at my best times of day- when Ella isn't cranky and I'm not exhausted- instead of them being spent with her at school only to come home to find a sleepy mommy and a sister who will not relinquish prime real estate on mommy's lap.

I look forward to many more shots of Laci in my project life posts and of all the changes that will take place over the next few months- finishing the house, moving, birthdays and a new birth.
I'm always amazed at what can be captured in the shutter of a camera and look forward to what develops over the next half of the year.
Just our life- our beautiful, wonderful life.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A whole bunch of Project Life!

Week 21

Ice cream for dinner night. Mommy's acid reflux was bad :D
They each got their own Ben and Jerry's.

Ella was home with Daddy during the storm
and ran around the house waving her arms
yelling "Shoo Thunder Shoo"
She also tried some lasso
technique to harness the thunder
lassoing a long bead necklace in the
air overhead yelling
She said it worked.

Hail storm! We had to pull over
on the way home from school
because the rain was falling
so hard and fast that the roads
couldn't drain and it was bad!!!
At home our yard was covered in hail.

Laci's end of school eyear program.Her class sang a cute song.
In the upper left is her friend Rebekkah and
at the bottom is her buddy Allison.

Finally picked out porcelain tile for the floor and countertops for the kitchen .

Ella the cow grazing in the front yard of the farm house.

Pondering life's mysteries. ( I told her to look at the sky ;D)

Hannah and Ella at the park. So glad they were born hours apart!

This was in the throw away pile
of course she fell in love with it.
It remained out because she uses
to clean her toys
and does so without a fight.
I think that's a fair trade.

Week 20

Heidi and Mike came to visit bearing gifts!

Going to visit Laci's cat (who is currently knocked up) in the barn.

View from our dining room where I
imagine Ella will stand endlessly at the french doors
or huge window and watch "her" cows.

It doesn't look so good here. You can see on the back
they have the addition on already. It went up in less than
a week I think. Can't wait for the asbestos
siding to be gone!

Week 19

They found bear and deer tracks. They also learned
about ant hills.

Chasing after Daddy after he
stole Laci's bike.

I don't know if she rode anything
or just ran around with a helmet on.
I love these little bitty legs.

Laci riding her bike on the farm roads. Miles to ride
with no cars for mommy to worry about!
One of our fields

My Mother's Day flowers. I don't know why blogger
insists on posting this vertically :S
I also got an Ipod Touch and accessories.
The kids love it lol.

What happens when you stay up for cookies at midnight.

Week 18

Cookies at midnight.

A wood shed outback. I love the coloring of the wood as a backdrop
for pictures.
The view from our porch. Cat Deely ( laci's cat) lives in that red barn.

Ella's cows at the house we're renovating. There are 4
calves. They are the quietest animals.
I have heard only one lonely moo all this time.
Ella moos far more than they do.

Ella making Pioneer Woman French Breakfast Pastries
with Aunt Jenni on one of our weekly girl's days.
I like to go without Ella but it doesn't always happen.
She's always excited to be included though.

Just in Walmart parking lot. I just
loved her littly Gymbo fairy wings fluttering
in the breeze on her shirt.

Tony and I scored NHL playoff tix and headed for our
last trip to the Mellon Arena. While I'm excited for a new arena
we've had so many great times at the Igloo that I hate to see it go.
I'm glad we made it this year. The Penguins lost but the
game was still fun and just being there was great.
It was nice just to get away with Tony for a day. I feel
like we never have time together. It was just
nice to be a happy couple for awhile and not
busy parents!
Week 17

Laci and I haven't had much time together with me being so
sick this pregnancy so I took her for the first time
to get her nails done. It was a nice time for us. She's
been such a big help lately so she deserved a treat.
Notice the unmanicured baby hand
interjecting itself into the picture.

Ella pre-hair and makeup services.
She is so hard
to keep clean!

Wanted to wear the babylegs outfit again.
I love those little
legs :D

She received her first pair of baby legs today in the mail.
We had to find something to wear to match
to go to church with Grandma that night.

Tasting for the first time the combination
of her 2 favorite foods-
chocolate and strawberries.
Notice the blissful look on her face....

She's just so dainty

Week 16

Leigh Anne's first prom. She looked so beautiful. Ella said she always
knew Leigh Anne was a princess.

Ella had these Gymbo Daisy Days shoes last year.
We found them this year and she wore them in April one
Sunday. She loved them but unfortunately
when we got home from church she couldn't walk-
they were a tad small. She refused to take them off!
She even wanted to wear them to the evening
service and her feet were so swollen I had
a hard time getting them on but she insisted!
My 2 year old - already choosing style over comfort!
Luckily I found a size up on Ebay and they came today.
She was sooo happy!

Ella got a Zippity game system for Easter.
Its a really cute system for kids
gets them moving!
Just another day in the Carey
household. Two Sleeping Beauties
(or Sleepy Belles as Ella calls her)
Descending the royal staircase.

Our first trip of the season to the Tastee Freeze up the road. It was a beautiful day for a walk and its always a good day for icecream! The girls both INSISTED on wearing sunglasses. They make me giggle.
Just glad to see some spring flowers!!!