Monday, January 26, 2015

21 Day Fix for this Fixer Upper

Ok this is not New year new you. I can't stand that hashtag catchphrase that whatever.

It just so happened that I had the time energy and money at the new year to indulge in a new workout regimen . It has nothing  to do with the month. I realize I'm fat 12 months a year thank you very much.

So, why haven't I done anything before January you ask? Well I have sporadically but, you know life and stuff...

Oh and- I hate working out . I do. Judge me Idc.

I have super super ADHD throw a few more letters on there and even watching tv while on the treadmill and probably doing something on my phone makes my mind race or go numb or both and 

I. Just.Cant.

Plus for treadmill to be effective for what I need is need strapped to it for idk 19 hours a day. 19 minutes and I'm out of my mind bored . 

What I wanted was to have a 30 minute workout that works me enough that I get muscle fatigue and am glaring at anyone who dates ask me to move for the next 48 hours. I want p90x in a half hour bc there is no way I'm gettin 90 uninterrupted minutes of pain worked into a schedule homeschooling 3 kids. 

(Workouts with kids do NOT go this way. Never. And they all match! I'm lucky to find both my shoes. )

And I needed a new eating plan.

I don't eat horribly. We've tried to cut out processed food over the last year. When I say we I obviously mean I have as my husband floods the house with it- but when I cook (which is most of the cooking) I don't do processed.

However we get in jags where we have a lot of take out , and I suspect that's where the fat comes from. (And loathing of the exercise) 

So I needed some help there as well but didn't want some super Funky fad diet where I can eat strawberries on ties but thurs they'll totally wreck my glucose levels and estrogen and make my hemoglobin do soemthing it totally should NEVER do.

We did Atkins in the spring (when I say we I mean I did it and I suspect the husband got little ceasars on his way to work three times a week) . It left me grumpy and stomach achy and sluggish. You know primed to work out πŸ˜’

I know some people do great with it but my body did not appreciate the fact that people have been successful on this for decades.

Nevermind if you cheat just a teensy but all hope is lost bc you go out of keeps is and then you have to work hard to go back INTO ketosis and you're all "I just wanted a slice of bread πŸ˜“πŸ˜’πŸ˜€. It's not good .

So then one day I see my friend talking on fb how she lost 81 lbs in the past year. Yes I'm intrigued talk to me...

She did 21 day fix. A few minutes reading about  it and I'm hooked.

It's what I've been looking for- 30 minutes of workouts that makes you hurt 
And food help that doesn't consist of you never again eating anything that tastes good or a plan that completely gets thrown off if , Billy Blanks forbid, you go out on a date or GNO or feel like you want a flipping burger today bc this is America and we eat burgers. 

So, today I'll review the workout portion bc I delayed the food part for a week so I'm just finishing my first week of eating.  I have a week and a half of the workouts under my belt (not that I need a belt to hold my pants up yet) so I feel I can give proper insight.

First .

They REALLY are 30minute workouts. Not like the one well know workout mistress I bought a workout from who claimed to have a super 30 minute workout system a couple years ago only for you to find out they're like 46:37 minutes AND oh you really should do 2 a day. No.

These are 30 minutes except I noticed Pilates is 33. Lying liar who lies. But it's ok bc ... Mostly she's honest.

You will hurt you will burn you will walk funny the next day.

It's a good thing.

If I workout and I do not hurt , I'm not gonna do it again. I got in really good shape doing p90x right before I got pregnant with my third and I know without that pain I'm not going to se results . It's the thing that motivates me and pushes me to go harder. Didn't hurt today? Need to increase reps or weight. Without it I'm Just spinning my wheels.

So yes you get muscle fatigue (oh so fatigue) and that good soreness .

2. Several rounds of (3-5 usually) contains 2-3 exercises one minute intervals which you repeat once. The good news is you aren't going to be planning for five minutes straight. It will feel like you are but you aren't.

And if you hate an exercise you only have to do it twice for a total of 2 minutes and you don't see it again til next week.

3. Breaks after every exercise . So after a minute you get a 15 sec break. You can do this.

4. The countdown timer is great. I loved p90x bc not only did it have on screen a timer counting down your minutes for the entire workout but also for what you were doing right that minute. Each set was counted down. Same for 21 day fix . I can stick it out a little longer if I know I only have 20 seconds left in that particular exercise and I can push harder if I know I've only got 10 minutes left in the entire workout.

5. Autumn Calabrese- she's cute but she can motivate you. I don't find her annoying yet  but I do hate her at times. She's well aware bc she keeps saying "hate me today love me tomorrow" (which my 7 year old will remind me if autumn herself doesn't manage to say it right after I yell at her ) I usually hate her a little bit more tomorrow bc that is when the soreness really hits and oh hey too bad bc this is a 7 day a week workout program so nope don't rest those sore muscles .

She motivates without making you feel like the  fatty fatty boombilatty your grumpy potato chip craving comfy couch eyeing brain is telling you that you are.
She's not too chipper but just enough . I respond well to her . She doesn't drive me batty which is easy to do when I'm already annoyed by working out. 

You WILL hate her, though , whether it's because of her propensity to make you plank right after a push-up set. (Really no I can't ) or bc she's ridiculously in shape and has too many muscles on her abs and you just want to punch her bc it doesn't matter if she workouts out all the time - that isn't fair.  Or bc you hurt but you don't get a break and her active recovery days are just as muscle exhausting and painful as the active active days. You will hate her. But she promises you eventually will love her. I will keep you posted on that...
Or bc she looks amazing in workout gearπŸ˜’

6. Points out proper form not as explicitly as I felt p90x did but enough that I subconsciously correct as she mentions things. 

7. You really do hurt and it really does work.  My muscles are already stronger and look Better though probably only to me.  I am more aware of my body on week two and feel my muscles engaging - large and small groups - in my workouts now. 

8. The program is designed in a specific order for you to exhaust a muscle group and then it rests for a few days. So while you don't have a day off from exercise you aren't over exerting anything or in excess pain. Except abs. They don't get a day off.

9. Optional ab workout - it's 10 minutes add it on whenever you'd like.
Bc NO BREAKS FOR YOU ABS! I blame Britney Spears - her hit me video signaled Americas ab obsession. 

10. Plenty of modifications for when you're just starting out. Don't pretend you're Tony Horton- your brand new out of the box cross trainers give you away.  You're starting an exercise journey don't try to jump to the end. Do the modified version, grab a smaller weight, alternate arms or legs instead of working both at the same time- just don't quit. There's plenty of mods to the workout so you can push through at whatever level you're at. 

Except on planks (there is a mod but sometimes it's not enough) on planks I think it's perfectly acceptable to occasionally fall on your face. And atay there til she announces last ten seconds. And then. Then you push up into full plank like you did it all along and finish the rep like a boss πŸ˜‰

So this was an overview of the emote workout plan. I'm going to do a follow up and give a little detail on each days DVD - not too much detail just what to expect what I like, what I loathe.

I get zero anything for this review- I'm just writing it bc it's so hard believing online reviews , for myself I prefer knowing a real person in my real life to get their perspective and so I'm sharing mine.

People who know me know I don't sugar coat and I'm not easily impressed so when I recommend something you can know I like it.

And I do like this - so far. I feel like I will see results and feel like thirty minutes a day is something I can commit to.

I do some days do treadmill and zumba in addition so all my fitness isn't based only on this workout but it  is the workout I'm relying on for muscle tone and really the brunt of my workout.

I'll also cover the food portion bc it is a big part of this. Usually when I get a workout system I ignore the nutrition book they send but this is a system that is designed to be both workout and eating habits. It's easy and takes most of the thinking out of your hands. Fill container- eat. Boom done.

Losing weight doesn't HAVE to be sucky or a process of spinning your wheels or one step ahead two steps back. I really think this system is going to work for me long term. 

If you want to order- my beach body coach is great . You can order under her in the challenge packs and get your shakeology with it, if you want to do them with your workout .