Wednesday, December 23, 2009

"Follow the star to a place unexpected,

Would you believe after all we've projected,

A child in a manger?

Lowly and small, the weakest of all

Unlikliest hero, wrapped in his mother's shawl

Just a child-

Is this who we've waited for? 'cause...

How many kings have stepped down from their

How many lords have abandoned their homes?

How many greats have become the least for me?

And how many gods have poured out their heart

Romancing a world that was torn all apart

How many father's gave up their son for me?

Only one did that for me.

All for me.

All for you."

I've cerainly not had trouble getting into the Christmas spirit, I love Christmas. I love everything about it, from how people find a little more kindness to spread, people spreading Christmas cheer by singing loud for all to hear ;) (esp. when its me in a store, embarassing my 16 year old sister), when that Grinch we all know has a heart that suddenly grows 3 sizes that day, finding the perfect present that will make children's eyes light up and of course that warmth in your heart when you think about our God, lowering himself by putting on flesh and coming down to us, to a world He created, that we destroyed-all to save us from ourselves.

I think those are the best moments and the song above by Downhere (link below) really brought that all into focus tonight driving away from the chaos of Walmart. I think we all know the Christmas story so well, even if you aren't a believer yourself, that we forget truly what it means and the beauty of it. This song is one that brings it to life and makes you realize the love expressed to us by our God.

My hope for this Christmas is that we can all see and remember the pure beauty of God coming as the weakest among us.

I pray this Christmas season

For those know Him, seek Him with all your heart to know him better still

Those who are fearful, rest under his wings.

Those who are hurting ,allow him to whisper comfort to your soul

Those who are broken, give him the pieces to put back together

Those who are weary, rest at his feet

Those who are uncertain, trust, falling back into his arms

Those whom he longs for, listen to the gentle pleading in your heart and answer his call

Those who have run from, turn around and find him waiting for you with the same loving arms you once fled from.

May you all have a blessed Christmas, and know true happiness.

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