Monday, July 2, 2012

Of Keurigs and toddlers

Lessons from today.

If you smell coffee very strongly while cleaning do not take the time to determine whether youhad brewed some and forgot or acquired without knowledge a coffee scented candle knowing your husband would never bring one in the house because he hates the smell of coffee.

Instead immediately find your toddler who has most assuredly bitten through your iced vanilla k cup and sprinkling it throughout the downstairs focusing on the couch.

Do not get distracted while cleaning up this mess and continue to vacuum because it needs done anyway. The coffee wasting toddler will take this glimmer of opportunity to procure yet another precious k cup, bite through it silently and reconstruct the coffee ground masterpiece you have so rudely and unappreciatively sucked up in your dyson exactly as it was before.

You will not get ahead in cleaning, you will instead be out fifteen minutes and two delicious cups of iced coffee goodness .

If your husband offers to get the stupid k cup holder when buying you a keurig never refuse, rationalizing that you have plenty of unused drawers in your kitchen. Kitchen drawers provide ample opportunities for mischief for unruly toddlers who hate to see you get ahead.

Never believe you can get your entire house clean with kids still living with you.

Never try to clean with a toddler at home without siblings or other supervision. The more you clean- the messier your house will become.

Instead , Be smart. Instead of cleaning brew an iced coffee and sit down and watch a real housewives marathon.

Coffee in your mouth is better than coffee in your couch.

^^^^ destructive force packaged in adorability . Be advised.

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