Saturday, August 4, 2012

Overheard at our house

More of Ella's crazy thoughts. (mostly Ella)

"do Crocodiles really eat chickens?"

At the beach I told her come on we are going to a beach shop.

Ella steps out onto the balcony and yells through the glass sliding door
"mom is this the beach shop?"

"How do puppies give hugs ?"

" am I a muppet?"

Ella looks up from her lunch and randomly and urgently asks "DID YOU ADOPT ME?!"

After she writes a letter for her best friend to mail:

"so, I just shove this in your phone right mom?"

After texting the same friend, she looks into the sky
"I don't see my letters."

Ella comes out in an all neon outfit, purse and sunglasses.

Me :" Ella you look like a teenager"

Ella :" no mom I'm only four"

Pulls tag out of her shirt

"see mom F O U R!"

She found a horse shoe, a really old one which is pretty cool because our farm road was originally part of Braddocks trail...

"mom we really need toget this to a farmer soon"

Laci comes out in a trendy outfit, purse, sunglasses and new shoes with Layla on her hip.

"mom don't I look like a teenager in this outfit... Especially with the baby?"

While we were at myrtle beach we ate at a calabash.seafood buffet. They remodeled the downstairs into a big play area for kids, you know because kids get bored during their parents gluttonous feasts. It had a big ship and to play on with mops to swab the deck and all kinds of dress up. One little girl had on a capt outfit and was bossing everyone around very loudly. When she finally left Ella unhooked herself from my leg and looks up won big blue eyes

"mom was that a REAL pirate?"

Swabbing the deck at the behest of the pirate.

^real pirate

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