Friday, December 28, 2012

Insta Friday- tis the season to be jolly...

This is a couple weeks of insta Fridays! For ease I'm starting newest first and going backwards.

Watching daddy use the tractor as a snow blower because we keep getting snowed in.

The snow and snow blower. I wanted a white Christmas but this really was a bit much...

Cooking furby- not a bad idea...

She loves the evil thing

Sweet picture if it weren't for the weird creatures! At least they're playing without fighting.

Stocking time

Coal in her stocking

Seriously the most excited over a now and arrow set I got on amazon for $3. I'm going to have to upgrade to the Disney store version.


She was a sick baby for Christmas :(

Husky in the snow

Not loving it

Her first American girl doll (besides bitty baby) Caroline

Lacis just like me

Ella and Caroline

Sadly Sick Christmas Eve baby

Ella's note to Santa. The front on her handwriting says "thanks for presents " the back says
"How many places did you visit? We made you cookies I hope you like them. God bless us , everyone."

Ella's Christmas Eve ornament- tangled ever after

Lacis ornament - tinkerbell

Layla putting her Snow White ornament on the tree

Gettin ready to watch polar express in their new Christmas pjs

Christmas Eve gifts

Silent night

Bethlehem dinner on Christmas Eve

I think this was my favorite part of Christmas this year.

Santa cookies and letters and the elves for easy pick up

Makin reindeer food

Dumping reindeer food

Ella playing elf matchmaker

Stuck in a snow drift...

Polar express Christmas party

Christmas play

North Pole breakfast

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  1. Just love that "Please Have Snow" photo. So enchanting!

    1. Thanks ! I love it honestly :) I took it last year an didn't get around to editing until last week :/ I'm definitely ordering a nice print of it though.

  2. Visiting from Insta-Friday. Sweet family photos! My daughter got a Furby too. It was all nice for a while. Then we mistreated it ;) to see what would happen. He did get kind of nasty. What's going on with yours?

    1. I've purposely abused one furby because it was stuck in the valley girl obnoxious teen girl mode forever. I kept letting it to make it the sweet furby (yes I shamefully admit to googling the topic of furby personalities extensively) but it would refuse to change and would just go to sleep and wake as the onlbmoxopis teen girl. I've found it's easy to get them to the sweet furby while its mean. Just pet it and hug it. This particular furby won't stay sweet long though and tends to default to the teen. I also read if you play them music or they talk to other furbies a lot they tend to that personality ...

      Oh if you pull the tail like fifteen times you get a goofy furby which is what our toddlers furby is lol. You have to pull a lot or you just get a mean furby. The goofy one is fun and likes to be thrown and dropped so its perfect for her!

      Here's to hoping we aren't all regretting these purchases before the new year

    2. Thanks! We will have to explore it some more! ;)

  3. Great pictures from Christmas! Good memories you guys have made. Jealous of the snow-- maybe not that much snow, but I'd love to see some! Thanks for stopping by my blog! Happy New Year!