Saturday, April 27, 2013

Wrap Her Up in Love

So because adoption means endless fundraising...

I'm trying to get creative...

Because how many hoagies or spaghetti dinners can one eat.
(Hopefully a lot because we are going to be doing those at some point)

I'm trying to offer things for your generosity - selling thirty one, dedicating photo session fees, raffles... Delicious coffee (Just love coffee has an ongoing fundraiser for us )

Not just ask for donations
(although they are greatly appreciated !!! By far!)
In the line of creativity I've decided to do a very meaningful fundraiser.

I'm going to make a quilt for our little girl in Haiti.

I've seen other adopting families do this and how they make it a successful fundraiser is they have people "sponsor" the squares.

You aren't just sponsoring a square.

This quilt will be a visual reminder that she is an orphan no more. It will be a physical representation that she has Been placed by God into a family and a community who loves her and has been thinking about her.

You will be represented by not just the square but also your name/names will be printed on the fabric!

If you want to customize it further and represent more of yourself on her quilt you can pick your square color or pattern.

Known for your love of a sports team? Ask for black and gold.

Wild for zebra? Get zebra print!

Pinkalicious like Ella?

Go hot pink!

To pick certain fabrics add $1 to your total, because ill have to buy fabrics instead of using what I have .
Squares are
$5 for 4"
$10 for 8"
$15 for 12"

Also the first 12 people will be given an additional square that will be used in a lovey sized quilt I'm going to make to take and give her while she is still in Haiti during our first visit.

There's no telling if it will make it back to the states with her so I'm keeping the full sized quilt for here and only leaving the lovey sized one in Haiti, to give her hope of her family and friends who are waiting for her!

Also I'd love to make her a memory book of all the people (2 actually one for here and one for Haiti) who have been praying for her and supporting the adoption along the way, so if you purchase a square please send me a picture of your family and a message or special verse for her if you'd like.

I hope the low price with price point choices and the deep meaning behind it all will be something many can get behind so we can make her a big quilt and literally wrap her up in all the love and support!

This will be something she can keep forever and look back on and remind her of her worth and the love that surrounds her.

I'm hoping to get good at this quilt thing ;) and want to make baby clothes quilts. I know all the Pinterest ladies have seen these- where you take your favorite outfits that your babies have grown out of and make them into a memory quilt.

So don't throw or give away all your baby stuff !

I've been saving my favorite outfits for a few years and I'm glad I couldn't part with some of lacis stuff so that I still have some to work with.

If its something you're Interested in - keep me in mind!

Thanks so much to those who have supported us in various ways. It means a lot.

Being called to adopt was completely unexpected on our part and it can be overwhelming- not so much the addition of a child just all that is required to get there.

We greatly appreciate the thoughts, prayers and participation in fundraisers/photo shoots so far.

You're all playing a part in her journey home.

Thank you.
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