Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Do you wanna have a Birthday?

So, of course my girls and I are obsessed with Frozen like the rest of the Disneverse.

Initially, Ella was just going to have a small party because we were also doing an American Girl store trip and since we live in Middleofnowhere, USA that involves a bit of travel and expense.

However, once we OF COURSE landed on the Frozen theme - small became a relative term.

Fortunately, she has a mama that likes diy and so it didn't take much *financially* to make the Frozen Fantasy party to take shape.

I worked for a good two months on things, here and there between etsy orders and pattern testing  and I had a friend whose daughter also had a Frozen party who has a cricut so I lucked out on her paper crafts.

I took  inspiration from various Pinterest pins and some of mine and Ella's own creative ideas and love for the movie, and her party was born!

I had to make something with sparkle sticks! so we did olaf bottoms dipped in blue chocoate and sparkly sprinkles. Not just any candy stick will do for a Frozen party! Grab a set here

                                                        In the background are olafs noses
                                                          and dip. I found little diamonds for table
                                                         decor at Michaels in the floral section they
                                                        added some amazing sparkle.
                                                       In the upper left background are blue
                                                     chocolate covered pretzel sticks with sparkly sugar

 Melted Snow men drinks. Donut holes in coffee
bottles filled with milk with a cute scarf.

 I made an icecream cake with hardtack blue spears like Elsa's castle with characters on top. Our my disney princess Elsa and Anna sat beside it. They're very pretty dolls 18" tall for $50 at Target. Your best bet now is probably online since everything frozen flies off the shelves!

 My husband was able to snag some great leftover Christmas trees in Frozen colors. I printed out a party banner and used an irridescent streamer back drop for a backdrop for the food table.

Check out my party kit for easy party planning. Print off your entire
Party from invitation to thank you notes at a super low cost here

 Styrofoam balls served as snowball photo holders. I used photos from the movie and personalized them to Ella. Water bottle labels are also included in my printable party pack.

Ella wanted a lit canvas with Let it go on it surrounded by snowflakes. Available here . Its hanging in her room now. Along with her name portion of her birthday banner.

 I have to say, she got the Anna/Elsa castle as a gift mainly because i wanted to use it as decoration :)  In the background is Elsa's ice punch, blue Hawaiian punch, sprite and ice cream snow balls. I painted snow mounds on the punch cups.

Last minute we decided to do bracelets as party favors. They turned out so pretty. I did more Elsa's because the girls all seem to like her better, but I think the Anna colors are prettiest. Grab some here. I also had goody bags that said "do you wanna build a snowman" available in the printable party kit. The kit contained mini marshmallows for bodies, chocolate chips for eyes and buttons and pretzel sticks for arms.

 And the big surprise.....  I love this shot of her opening the door.

                                                 and the look of wonder :)
                                            then she announces like its no big thing "Elsa's here"
                                        she knows how to keep her cool in front of royalty.

                                            Elsa came!

                                                 Elsa soon finds out this Anna is not going to
                                                   let her out of her sight!!1

                                                      Two annas and an Elsa

                                         Layla wouldn't leave her alone. Dressed as Anna she had lots of questions for Elsa. She really wanted to know why she kept striking her sister with ice and how she felt about it.

                                                     Ella put her cape and Anna hat on over her Anna costume for                     some                          Frozen sister pictures 
                                           And then did a costume change into her Elsa!
                                               They look like twins ;) 

                                                              Happy little birthday girl

                                                 Elsa helped with Frozen makeovers doing
                                                 icy manicures. While I did Elsa and Anna
                                                   styled hair and make up.
                                                   Guess who got chosen more for makeover style
                                                          Anna or Elsa....

                                                     Layla had more serious movie points to discuss
                                                    with Elsa. This was after she made her eat with her.
                                                   Layla went and reserved a seat for Elsa and then turned around
                                              and stared impatiently waiting for her to make her way to her.
                                             Layla waits for no one. Not even Disney Royalty.

                                                Pretty paper chains and snowflakes hanging from the
                                                 ceiling gave the room a Frozen palace feel.
                                                  Elsa helped with the gifts. And even the allure
                                                 of a Disney princess faded when Ella got her hands on presents!

                                                   Some last hugs before Elsa had to head off
                                                 back to Disney.

                                                Making Elsa Crowns from foam and painting them

                                                                   I made a disneybound version
                                                               of Anna .
                                                                   Some of the visiting royalty
                                                            attending princess Ella's celebration.

                                                          Frozen friends.

                                                           Having a wardrobe malfunction
                                                                                                     We had uncrustables solely

                                                                                                             for the "isn't it crazy we finish

                                                                                                 each others sandwiches " line. I even
                                                                                                found a photo to use as the food card.

                                                       cousins and frozen sisters
                                                          Anna stuck in her sisters snowstorm
I have a new Elsa dress available now. Unfortunately I didn't have a pattern or much of an idea for one before Ella's party but this one worked out great! Layla who was the only one not to have an Elsa yet got the benefit of the first real Elsa costume and she wont take it off. Its much more screen accurate than the ones Disney store is selling.

I'm also doing birthday parties now to raise money for the adoption. I have packages that range from  princess makeovers up to party entertainment and full theming and decorating. Since I have an abundance of Frozen party items this theme is currently going for less than others! contact me for info.

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