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Something Wicked This Way Comes... or does it...

The role of a pastor is to lead and guide, like a shepherd, the people under their care in the church – their flock . Now more times than not pastors are wise and use discretion- the task of leading people through this journey of life is a heavy mantle to put on.

From the time I was in youth group, I’ve made friends with many pastors. Tony being a pastoral major at Bible College, we made many more pastor friends, Our wedding looked like some Assembly of God convention. and since then I’ve been friends and continue to be friends with pastors and pastor wives in different stages of their ministry.

Something about me screams- confide in me… it happens often, people I haven’t even spoken to in years will message me when they’re going through a rough time, people I’ve just barely met bare innermost secrets, I don’t know why- it just  happens.

And so,some of  these numerous pastoral friends through the years, too have shared a lot with me. 

Being a pastor is a difficult job yall. And one thing they’ve shared is just how heavy is the burden to lead people. 

They are tasked with a sacred job, and most bear that burden with thoughtfulness and care. They make sure what they’re speaking of to their congregations is rooted in truth as positively as they can. 

They search out the meanings in the original context in the languages the word was written – because in the Bible context is EVERYTHING. 

They don’t posit a theory or teaching without being absolutely sure that what they’re saying is grounded in the truth.

 Because people, God isn’t a tricky little prankster. He doesn’t hide the truth- it’s not hard to understand what he means. He doesn’t make us go on a spiritual scavenger hunt through a briar patch trying to unearth what he “really” meant. It’s plain. It really is.

Its when you seek to twist turn pervert the simple blunt easily discovered truths to FIT into YOUR own context, YOUR own meaning, YOUR own agenda – that’s when it gets tricky.

But a good pastor doesn’t do that because they understand they are held accountable for what they lead their flock into and so it is with that heavy weight on their shoulders they carefully but boldly proclaim the truths of God to those under their care because they want you and I to flourish on this Christian journey. They want to help prevent us from making the same missteps that they may have made or been led into on their journey. 

There literally like a guide for us- "look out there’s a tree root don’t trip"," the hill up here is steep but just push on you’ll make it up". "The path ahead is rocky but just beyond it is a stream if you look really hard you’ll see, we can refresh there." " Its dark but I’ve got this torch I’ll light, stick close we will make it through together."

But then there are times when your guide, gets lost. And it doesn’t mean they’re a bad person. 

They may well have a good heart. Maybe they aren’t cut out for the enormous task of pastor, but forced into by other people, family, or expectations as they grew up.

 Maybe they were but just have become disillusioned and disinterested in truth and interested in all the other things of the world.

Its really tricky for the sheep in this situation. 

But since we aren’t actually brainless sheep, we have some accountability.

 If your shepherd starts veering off the well-worn path into thickets and brambles under deep forest coverage that the deeper you walk the darker it (or they) gets...sometimes you have to make the decision to turn back and find that otherwise guide, who knows the way.

 Especially if, you’ve talked to the pastor. "Um are you sure this is the path?"...." I’m really concerned, maybe you’re just a bit side tracked." ...." I know you’re a great person and you do love God. ....But yeah I don’t recognize this AT ALL"…."do you notice we are all alone here? No one seems to be seeing what you’re seeing and I uh, don’t know that you’re 100 percent here"…"We’ve been through a lot together but this doesn’t feel right"…"I’m just going to go and find someone else to guide me out of here…"

I’ve (mostly) kept my mouth shut but I am really worried about how some pastors take a good bit of liberty with what is biblical and what is fantastical conjecture.

 I’m totally fine with reading into conspiracies and weird strange possibilities for fun .But when you start presenting that stuff as truth from a pulpit to people who hold what you say as one speaking for God, because that’s what congregations do- we trust pastors to be speaking for God to us, because that’s what they do- maybe not in the sense as a prophet but as one interpreting his Word for us to take it from the page and apply to life- then you've crossed a line that shouldnt be crossed, breached a trust, abused power.

Reading apocryphal books and preaching their elements like the Book of Enoch, the Gospel of Judas and all the other ones- not ok! Read on your own time if you want (as long as you’re rooted in truth and won’t be deceived) but if your pastor is preaching from these books please hear me – this isn’t normal, healthy or good for your soul.   

Things like Nephilim which are mentioned in two EXTREMELY vague verses in the bible are being preached as if they’re some kind of certainty. You can’t base theories on two vague verses.

 Of course the book of Enoch sheds a lot more light on them but it isn’t canonical! Its not accepted as truth. Its as legit a source as Harry Potter and The Sorcerer’s Stone (which me just mentioning this means in a witch I am sure by the thoughts of many) 

In fact Harry Potter, has mover value because it actually has valuable lessons and lines up as biblical allegory much more than the Book of Enoch. I’m fine with people reading what they want even discussing for kicks and giggles with people but when one starts preaching from a platform in a church as someone who’s supposedly called by God and delivering a “word” for the people. Its not ok!!! The bible warns against this numerous times. Its called false teaching folks.

“I appeal to you, brothers, to watch out for those who cause divisions and create obstacles contrary to the doctrine that you have been taught; avoid them. For such persons do not serve our Lord Christ, but their own appetites and by smooth talk and flattery they deceive the hearts of the naive” Romans 16:17-18.
We are not to listen to this nonsense. Not indulge it at all. This verse about those who teach these things goes hand in hand with this one that talks about where those teachings come from. And its no secret that people who preach these things claim to have some inside knowledge other churches don't posess. "We are the only ones" or " one of the few preaching the truth" (thats cult speak folks.)

“For a time is coming when people will no longer listen to sound and wholesome teaching. They will follow their OWN DESIRES and will look for teachers who will tell them whatever their itching ears want to hear.”2 Timothy 4:3

Look, reading the same things in the bible can get old, aparently. Some people like to spice it up looking for “mysteries” and all the vague things implied like the aforementioned Nephilim.

 Like this verse says those desires can  become greater and overcome some people to the point they just push aside all the sound teaching and allow their minds to be warped by garbage masquerading as biblical truth. 

And to the second half of the verse speaking of looking for teachers who will tell them whatever their itching ears want to hear.

Yes! Instead of looking to the solid men and women of God they once sought wisdom and guidance from they look to anyone they can find that espouses their beliefs- namely creepers on the net.

Yes we live in an age where you can not only find but connect with people who will espouse whatever nut bag belief and theory you want to posit.   

And if you’re so desperate for someone to validate your belief you blindly accept them and their dubious credentials. Sorry “credentials” because credentials here means: has a YouTube channel or free internet based radio show…or blog…or read a book that one time.

Yes, you can validate any insane theory you want by a simple google search. BUT just because you found your conspiracy site soul mate it does not mean you are correct. And heck if you want to skip down the bramble path into secret occult symbols, illuminati, aliens and luciferian overlords, by golly grab yourself a picnic basket and skip away.

 But if you are in a church leadership position. YOU DON”T HAVE THAT FREEDOM. You’ve given yourself (supposedly) over to the mantle of pastor of shepherd , of protector. You need to keep your mind on things above that are good and holy (no I’m not typing the reference). 

You aren’t supposed to speculate into dark secrets made up by some 27 year old creeper still living in his mom’s basement and making “videos” for YouTube. 

And you sure has heck don’t get to stand up in front of a congregation at a pulpit and preach it as truth. You shouldn’t even open your congregation up to it as “possibility” because you are leading them astray! Why don’t you just throw some honey on them before you feed them to the wolves…?

This is not Christianity. This is not preaching. THIS IS NOT HEALTHY.

(I’m talking to you, who sit through this non sense and let it to put questions into your brain…)
When youtube starts to be a source for your truth- you’re venturing way off the path and probably already walking off a cliff.  And if you’re a pastor you’re leading lots of several innocent lives off with you.

God does not hide truth. He’s not sadistic. He doesn’t tease you. He wants you to know truth to live in –
You do NOT have to skulk around the internet to find out what GOD really meant here and there. If it’s important- it’s clear. It really is. There aren’t secret passages telling us aliens are traipsing about and that means it’s the end of the world. There aren’t hidden passages to “luciferian conspiracies”
Stop it! 

 For those of you who didn’t’ get the memo when you turned 18 and should’ve had some sense. YOUTUBE IS UNREGULATED AND NOT A RELIABLE SOURCE OF INFORMATION.

I could (and just may) make youtube posts posturing any idea I want. I could sit and pick a part any song (a favorite past time of these so called Christians who are seeking secret knowledge) and make it have any message I want it to.  

 I can watch any Katy Perry and circle every motion she makes and every prop she uses and attribute it to an illuminati grand conspiracy signaling its time for the aliens to come and colonize the planet or whatever the fresh hell these people claim.

This is not the job of a pastor. And you should not listen to a “pastor” who is leading you into this!You shouldn't listen to anyone leading you into this!

This is where people like Westboro Baptist come from people. One messed up whacka doo gets an agenda in his head, starts twisting scripture to fit his agenda and publishes it and people believe. 
No you can’t.
The title means nothing it’s the spirit behind it.
Test, always test, (or if youre a potter  fan CONSTANT VIGILANCE) what you are being told. 

If it doesn’t line up with scripture, if it requires you to read apocryphal sources, if it says that God hid this truth… it is not truth. That man or woman is not speaking truth to you – no matter what title they hold. We are to flee false teaching!

Flee it! 

It takes root in your brain and wars with truth. 
It puts fear into your mind and we all know fear is not of God. 

Flee that.
Some people set out to lead people astray.

Some are good hearted people who have themselves been led astray with their obsessions and desires. Some its arrogance thinking they have this secret knowledge that the common less spiritual beneath them just don’t have the intelligence or spirituality to discern.  

Both sets- the intent to harm and the they themselves misguided set – both equally dangerous.

Preaching false doctrines as a pastor is dangerous because some people blindly will follow you off that cliff. The title comes in immediate respect and trust. Its been abused since its inception and still people blindly trust.

Stop blindly trusting, folks, because this isn’t just going on in weird little sects in the world with the next Jim Jones, its happening in my own back yard and your own back yard.

I’ve had to leave such a church myself.  Let me tell you God was pretty clear when things were pointing to weird teachings. We prayed one night please direct us do we need to leave now, or stay awhile and support some friends that are still there, til they leave staying in our positions to help them …the next morning during church all I heard was GO NOW GO NOW.  (tony too) And felt like a curtain had been lifted off my eyes and saw and felt an unsavory sense of dread and "impending doom" seems so dramatic but that was the sense I got and what came to mind to describe it immediately. My skin crawled. Feelings of the sense of darkness and all in a church service.

I’m totally not one of these people to see a devil around every corner and will give a big eye roll and audible sigh to people who are like that- but that is what it felt like. 
Something wicked this way comes…

there was something not at all right, not at all okay and all under the guise of Jesus. (Although his name isn’t mentioned much bc he’s a bout grace not the heavy hand of the law…)
Be wise be alert. Wolves in sheep’s clothing and all that.

This has been long and I’m sure since I’ve said something I’ll be attacked again. Last time I did affiliated people decided to try and put my 11 year old on public blast numerous times posting a photo of her and a Disney character (jack skellington) on fb and calling her evil for the photo. And of course me stupid and lacking of spirituality for allowing to her pose with A MADE UP DISNEY CHARACTER WHO ISNT EVEN A VILLAIN OR EVIL… Also I was called every Christian curse in the book, and told God told them he was coming after me. Apparently he meant coming after me with blessings because Tony got a promotion a couple days later…so…bring it?

Anyway, I don’t even care anymore. 

A lot of people who know these truths keep their mouths shut because either theyre in church leadership elsewhere and well you can’t really say things as bluntly, or they have to deal with these  people involved in other aspects of their life. 

I don’t and I’m worried about all the people being led astray. I’m sorry (not sorry) but if someone is preaching false teachings and I know it and I know I have friends there who are listening to it I feel like I have an obligation to warn them. 

I don’t want that on my hands.

 Even though, if you sit through it and allow yourself to be led astray you will be held accountable for not testing what you heard with (not youtube) the word of God because he wrote it plainly for you to see, but If I can help someone wake up from the spell of delusion they’re under I’m going to. 

I’m just thankful that I’m somewhere now that has untwisted my mind because even though raised in church and as someone who knows the bible, went to Evangel University (bible college) and loves God and his word when you sit under that preaching it warps your mind and what you know. Thank God we are somewhere that just I feel like literally bleach washes my brain from that nonsesne. Every service I come away with more clarity and realization that we serve a God of love who seeks our best not one of punishment hate and fear who wants to taze us every time we miss a service or slip up or just don’t measure up. 

Thank God I’m not hearing that Nephilim are aliens and currently raping women on the earth because it’s the days of Noah again (not that I’d believe that insanity but some are believing that)
Thank God I am in a church where the Book of Enoch is not sourced literature nor is Derek the 28 year old mama basement dweller who has the inside scoop on all the pop stars…or in a church that brings in alien hunters like LA marzulli and Russ Dizdar- a man who in his book about Satanic Ritual Abuse ( you know the big scam of the 80s) that children are used by the devil and the CIA yes that CIA as plants in churches to kill people. YES CHILDREN.

People wake the heck up its not ok.

And just to further drive the point home this song Feel the Light by JLO is not a luciferian conspiracy. The song has 56 words its not that deep. No the fact that stars were projected on her enormous dress does not mean it’s a Luciferian conspiracy. As the end of the performance showed, it was an elaborate ad for her new movie Home. Which gasp has a cartoon alien (Nephilim? Hmmm).  You can make anything into anything withna little imagination and a whole heck of a lot of time on your daggone hands. Just like my husband pointed out this song sung by someone else say Casting Crowns could totally be a Christian song. (Of course we all know the contemporary Christian music industry is illuminati right? Toby Mac I’m looking at you) sigh. 

Btw this JLo nonsesne( i dont' even like JLo) is what prompted this post. I addressed my concerns with the source who deleted the initial Jlo conspiracy  and reposted it then said ya know what if you have issue post it on your own page. Ooookay here is what I am posting, at your direction. My concerns on my page as directed...

Please people use discernment. If a pastor posts a link to some youtube creeper and recommends said youtube creeper as a source of knowledge… and also says they don’t agree with everything they say but is directing his or her flock there ANYWAY. There is something wrong.

 Deeply, troublingly wrong. 

And its ok to care about that person but please do it from a healthy church where you aren’t being led into an obsession of the occult. Because yes someone can be delving into the occult and be "against “the occult. It’s the unhealthy obsession with the belief in the false teachings that is harmful.

If you want to check out the link to the JLo nonsense here it is. And unlike some pastors who claim its full of truths that will enlighten your mind to the grand luciferian conspiracy around you and the big alien plot… I will tell you it drivel, bunk, insanity and poorly done. Just because something remind some youtube person of something doesn’t make it what the song means.But thats the basis of all the "facts" in this video. Just like Katy perry dancing with sharks at the super bowl reminded this or another youtube creeeper of  some alien bible prophecy. 

Put your trust in wise people with discernment seeking truth not chasing after their own desires and
 itching ears...


Above church mentioned - we had lots of misgivings but didnt listen even though we knew things were messed up. Thankfully, (because we realized not only is scripture being twisted but flat out nonsense is being preached and made us realize we need to leave) one day a youtube video called Placebo was shown as the sermon  that says Satan allows you to think you're saved when you ask Jesus in your heart yet you die and hahah jokes on you you were not. INSANE and this video was presented not just as fact but as the most important thing the pastor ever saw and is still shared as that.

If you want a good laugh or shock read the transcript of that youtube . The "preacher" died and shared this vision when he came back  God threw him around the throne room (is it thrown room?) because he wasn't good enough. Wasn't even really saved after decades of ministry. Also, apparently demons look like middle aged men in shabby gray suits (Matlock?!)
Also, the treasures in heaven verse being twisted in the offering the previous week to mean instead of storing our treasures in heaven as in heavenly rewards  investing in eternity making an impact for the kingdom was twisted to mean you tithe because God takes that money and send you treasures from heaven down to you like big cars and houses . for real. disgusting. This and the placebo made us realize we couldnt stomach anymore. Its only gotten worse from what people tell me and what I see distributed by the church itself- proudly.
 Please stop sitting through non sense people. Being so misguided you preach this- means you shouldn't be preaching.

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