Sunday, July 10, 2011

Uh oh Oreo

I've spent the day packing for this beach trip tomorrow that we are undertaking. Or I am at least. Tony isn't going, I'm taking three kids 7,3, and 10 months with a friend and two of her friends.

I'm not sure what madness took me over to think this was doable. I've waffled since making the decision between "yay beach" and "omg this is going to kill me".

The eve of the venture has arrived and as of 10:30 pm , my packing remains unfinished. In my frenzy of getting everything together on my own Ella asked for a snack. She wanted our beach snacks and I directed her instead to a box of Oreos from SAMs club . They are in individual sleeves.

While The baby is content, resting for a moment , I decide to take a shower to wake myself up to finish the task at hand.

In comes Ella chocolate all over needing to wash her hands . she is slightly bent over with the look of guilt shadowing her countenance.

"you ate that whole sleeve, didn't you?" I say knowingly

"yeeeees "she draws out in a whine.

"how's your tummy feeling now" I inquire.

"full . Very full"

"oh yeah."
"and sick. I think I'm going to be sick"

"I imagine you will"

Ten minutes later and a handful of throwup her suspicions are confirmed.

As are mine- this trip may kill me.

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