Thursday, September 22, 2011

Get OUT of my happy meal Michelle!

The latest victim of the Obama's " we know better than you" regime is the McDonalds happy meal.

Being late at night after an outing and too low on energy to whip up a culinary masterpiece I drove my kids through McDonalds on our way home. I ordered their usual - one cheeseburger happy meal and one nugget happy meal.

Layla (1) was wailing so I asked Laci to share her fries til I ran through Arby's to get my food to share with Layla.

"I would if I had fries mom. All I have is apple slices and some toy box of fries"

"what" I yell , irritated that once again our order was messed up at this particular location.

Laci didn't mind as she likes the creepy non browning apples anyway.( Ella however screamed the whole way home and wouldn't even eat my yummy Arby's curly fries. )

I looked in her box to see the teeny tiny "toy" box of fries holding about seven sad little spears of fried potato.

And the actual toy.

I realized immediately that we'd been had. McDonalds has bowed to the shouts of Michelle that our kids are obese and instead of giving us the choice of apples and fries they've scaled the fries back to a gnome portion and thrown Ina couple of slices of apple to compensate.

This irritates me on a number of levels.

1 it's McDonalds. Expecting it to be healthy is like expecting Snooki and the jersey shore cast to come up clean on any type of blood or urine test you administer them.

2 I can fully decide if my kid should have apples or fries. I don't Michelle or Ronald McDonald choosing for me thanks.

3 those apples are weird. They don't ever brown. What chemicals are on this mutant fruit? At least I know the effects of a dreaded fry.

4 previously we could decide fries or apples. Now you get both
and the apple portion is smaller than it used to be. To get a full meal the kids have to eat the gnome portion of fries. How is that healthier?

So yet another fail on the part of government stepping on toes through pointless campaigns for the greater good.

I'd say boycott McDonalds happy meals .... But that's just what they want you to do isn't it ;)

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