Friday, September 2, 2011

Eight years too quickly

Eight years ago a bright red headed baby girl captured the attention of the maternity floor of the hospital she was born in and the hearts of her mommy and daddy.

She turned eight years old this week and I'm in utter disbelief! Not only can I not be old enough to be the mother of an eight year old but my baby can't possibly
be eight already.

She's grown from a cute pudgy red headed baby who garnered the attention of people everywhere we went to a beautiful red haired freckle faced little girl who still gets the attention of strangers most places we go. Not only does her hair shine but so does her personality. She is kind and loving - the best big sister that Layla and Ella could ask for. She is an creative little girl who loves dance and art and is quite good at both. She's witty and clever surprising people with words beyond her eight years.

Over these eight years she's made me laugh with her crazy costumes and performances. She's made me proud in her endeavors. She's made me crazy with her fierce independence streak. But most of all she made me a mommy and will always hold a special place among kids for that reason.

Happy Birthday Laci Bug!

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