Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Overheard in the Playroom - Part 2

I had too many saved up because I've been a lazy blogger, so I broke them up into 2 posts. Enjoy, and get some insight into why I always look so tired .

Layla with endless runny nose this cold season

"mommy, my nose coming out!"

I could have demonstrated with a picture. But I spared you. Thank me later.

Me putting Layla to sleep.

"Layla Go. To. Sleep."

Layla: " I am asleep . Mommy YOU go to sleep"

At Christmas time :

Ella watching rockettes:

"they're too slow. I'll show them how to dance someday ... Why do they keep kicking out their legs like the old days?"

Ella listening to us rant about all the crap Obama has done to the coal Industry - the fines etc.

"Obama made coal more expensive? Santa will NOT like that"

Ella after we stopped and talked to a friend we ran into and usually have lengthy conversations- however this one was brief.
As we walk away she turns back and yells:
"Thanks for the not TOO long conversation "

Ella - finger in mouth

"this would taste better if it were chocolate covered"

Laci angry over threats of getting rid of useless toys

"Looks like SOMEBODY needs to watch toy story"

I go to pick up Layla's toy minnie phone.

"No, no you touch it. I charging me Minnie phone "

Layla wiggling on the ground

"I shrimp. I popcorn shrimp"

At lunch :
Ella: "Why are you giving me hash browns?"

Me: "they're tater tots "
Ella: "I don't like them "

Me: " Every American child loves tater tots if you don't you have to move out of the country. "

Ella: "Well I don't know another language. "

Me: "you better learn to like tater tots then"

Ella: "Why are you giving me ketchup?"

Me: "Bc American kids eat ketchup with tater tots. You have to move to Canada if not"

Ella: Well that's not good. Heck to the no"

Layla playing with a stuffed Tigger
it unexpectedly starts talking. She throws him and runs away. she comes back later, kicks him across the room. he talks again. away she runs!

Ella calls Tony's sideburns hash browns . Probably related to our tater tot discussion.

Ella is "reading " me a book- about a dog.

"I put my paws up high and say to the Lord 'You are good' Christmas is coming "

Ella sees our dogs have chewed up her yard flamingo (yes she has lawn flamingos..)

Crying hysterically and screaming:
"Nooooo!! They're endangered species!!"

Seriously as soon as someone sees lawn flamingos out for sale this spring. Please lmk!! I have to bring hers back from the dead. She thinks they're recuperating for the winter in Florida- at The Villages. ... Floridas Friendliest Hometown

Ella about mean people she encounters:

"I wish she wasn't real. I wish she was a movie or a book story .... or a goat"

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