Sunday, February 17, 2013

Overheard in the Playroom

My last post was heavy, and challenging - and probably offensive to some. I have three more in various stages of being finished- one which was awesome and I accidentally pasted over and didnt realize undo on iPhone was by shaking it . Sigh. Now I know.

So before I challenge half my Christians friends, alienate some and just bore and or confuse the others with my postings from the heart I thought I'd do another fun things my kids say post.

Ella as we drive by those hideous wind mills dotting our beautiful landscape. Grrrr. ( wind energy is stupid and not sustainable and kills trees and birds you dumb hippies)
Anyway as she saw them...

"Mommy, does anybody golf up there?"

-Another of any one hundred fifty three daily sibling fights (dear Jesus please make it spring . Homeschooling in winter is more than one should have to bear, especially when I'm in a recessed area void of chuck e cheese. Spring or chuck e cheese- ill take either Jesus)

"If she rips that ill be as mad as shush kabob in an oven ...a play oven"

...She said shush not shish.

-Looking at stars-

Ella: "Laci what's the way to never land? Is it the second star to the right ? "

Not funny - cute. Melted my heart.

For those who don't know- second star to the right and straight on to morning is the directions to Neverland on Peter Pan. Ill let this one slide but further basic Disney lack of knowledge will not be tolerated.

Also - part of a tattoo I'm getting to represent my girls. (Hush. idc what you think of ink ;)

"Pinkalicious is my favorite pink person ...except flamingos"

Ella has pink hair. She loooves pink!

( "Her daughter has pink hair at 5 AND she's getting a tattoo?? What is wrong with her" I can hear your judgement )

"Hey guess what my mom used to live in the 80s "

I'm not even sure if this was Laci or Ella. It just makes me mad and sad to think of the 80s as some far gone era just like the 60s 70s were of my childhood . Sigh. Old:(

"My mom and dad kiss too much"

Always said by Ella. Including the first time she had a friend sleepover- at my pastors house.... Oh and he couldn't wait to tell me....

Must be true

Huge fight breaks out in the playroom. Yelling ,scratching, who knows what else. You know normal every twenty minute occurrence.

This time - over a small sink and chameleon littlest pet shop animal.

Layla Is trying to wash the chameleons hands.

Ella : " can you just wash the frogs hands? hurry up"

Just a really strange sentence to hear, but glad our amphibians have proper hygiene skills.

- Ella dancing like she's on flash dance.

"I almost shanay turned right outta here!!!"

Is shanay a dance term? My kids claim it is. It does sound like a fancy way to make an exit. I may just have to shanay turn myself out of somewhere .

- Another play room brawl:

Ella: "Cinderella don't care!"
Laci: "Cinderellas a honey badger?!"

Honey badger

- classic random Ella conversation

Ella: "mommy what shape is my birthmark"
Me: " idk a misshapen circle?"
Ella:" hmmph. I want a crown"

Look at the princess. She was made for a crown birthmark .

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