Sunday, October 19, 2014

Pigs in Pearls

I haven't posted in forever . June 23rd to be exact but in various fb postings I've nearly had a blog post written, so why not weigh in via blog by way of copy paste.

This weekend yet another Christian controversy erupted in media. 

People sent me links. I ignored - weary of all things on this topic and Christian controversy in the media in general. 

But it kept popping up so I read a bit about Hillsong Church and their stance/not stance on homosexuality and gay marriage.

I feel they're being railroaded on both side- the media and of course the ever ready to pounce and cannibalize, modern church.

I've yet to read a transcript of what transpired- what I've seen is a blog post excoriating Hillsong by taking partial phrases and expounding on those with the authors own perceptions by what this silence just may mean  and the clarification follow ups given by Brian Houston of Hillsong.

First, I'm sooo tired about talking about homosexuality. Politically , religiously, culturally- I'm spent.

I don't agree with it- it's a sin, and it sounds like Hillsong agrees. 

Im struggling with why as Christians we are putting so much weight on this sin, in particular.  I do feel there's a huge difference between slipping up and sinning occasionally while trying to live a sanctified life and living in that sin, in this case actively engaged in a gay lifestyle and not fighting those sinful desires.

But there are Christians living in so many sins, yet we keep shining a light on this particular one.

I get it that the gay community Is being forceful and pushing agendas politically. I think the church should have a voice in the direction our culture is headed - always.

But I've started to wonder at what point are we ceasing to be Gods witnesses on earth speaking his message of love and turning into political activists ourselves?

I'm not sure how we get the gay community to listen to a message of God's love for them when they're just hearing shouts of condemnation.

I've kind of done a 180. I've been in churches where you just hear sermons about all the sins in the world constantly and it leads to judging everyone. All the time. Just looking for signs that someone has fallen or is struggling and pouncing.

I'm not sure what good that does. And if Christians have a hard time dealing with that from the inside , how are those on the outside supposed to feel welcome amidst that?

I'm not saying water down the gospel or deny that something is a sin when it clearly is- I think the church just needs find the right balance again where we are the compass that points to true north without battering people along the way.

I think *think* that is what Hillsong was trying to do.  Show them Jesus' love and let that do the saving. We tell everyone else come as you are- how about  the gays? 

  Love and let Jesus do the work.

A side note on the origin of the controversy: this came about by Hillsongs Houston declining to say ANYTHING. He felt it wasn't the correct forum. He chose to use Jesus not hashing it out in public as his foundation for this silence.

The self appointed spokespeople for the church took that as a few things:

1. He was using the oft repeated and never correct excuse that if Jesus didn't mention it it's not a sin.

That doesn't mean it's not a sin and that wasn't what he was doing anyway.

2.  He won't speak on it and therefore he clearly is in favor of homosexuality not being a sin and for gay marriage.

Not even close.

Can we just please stop this silence is condoning bull? 

Sometimes it's wise to 
Keep. Your. Mouth. Shut.

Perhaps Houston not making a definitive statement for Hillsong in that forum doesn't necessarily mean equivocation, maybe it was wisdom. 

It never goes well for anyone when they speak out about homosexuality to the press. The media is just looking for something to twist into something ugly. 

Ie. Phil Robertson . He called about ten sins sin in his interview with rolling stone but what did they come away with- "PHIL ROBERTSON IS HOMOPHOBIC AND SAYS JESUS HATES GAY YALL!"

The media just wants to set people of faith up to show that we are an outdated hater of all things. We are closed minded intolerant unloving people .  No matter what Hillsongs stance was it would have been twisted to be explosive news on one side or the other. Damage would be done.

It's probably best not to fall into to
those traps because it isn't going to accomplish what you intend anyway. 

The Bible says 
"Do not give dogs what is sacred; do not throw your pearls to pigs. If you do, they may trample them under their feet, and turn and tear you to pieces."
(Matthew 7:6)

Maybe just maybe Brian Houston's wisdom was telling him this was a case of pig pearls. 

And it was best to keep his mouth shut. 

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