Monday, September 21, 2009

"There is nothing wrong with change if It is in the right direction" Winston Churchill

After substituting in Laci's first grade class today I could not be happier that I didn't finish my early childhood education training. Oh my goodness, my blood pressure would be through the roof! I love substituting, but I know at 3 pm. it comes to an end. I cannot fathom dealing with this for an entire year. I have no idea why I thought I wanted to do that. Of course, I chose my major before I had children of my own, which may have much to do with it.

Days like this make me wonder why we make the decisions we make, especially those that do not come to the end intended. Case in point-my career. I could be negative and think it was a waste of time and money, but I know it isn't. I learned valuable things in that major, especially for someone who deals with children all day-even if they are my own. I met many people I wouldn't have and was able to impress upon their lives and they on mine. There are so many underlying outcomes to our choices in life other than the major obvious ones and when faced with doubt its always good to consider these.

Another big change in our life, we may be moving. I dont' know, its still talk, but we have an opportunity to move out of a house we like, but don't love. We'd be able to live mortgage free (yay) rent free (whoopee) and use our money to renovate a great big farm house with lots of potential. (and more extra money than we've been used to the last few months!) I don't know had you told me to do this a few years ago, I probably would have spit in your face. Well maybe not but some spittle may have found its way on you as I vehemently argued. But I walked through it, and though definitely a fixer upper, whoo, I see so much potential and see what it could be. Now I could was theological and make a point about that is how God sees us, not messed up in our sin, but how beautiful we are through his redemption, but i'll save that for another time. The bedrooms are bigger, and there would be a fourth we could use as a playroom. Today I was told there was no dishwasher nor hookup for it which made me gasp, so I am planning on buying paper products for awhile lol. Take that Obama and your green team. I know it will be a huge undertaking but I think it will be great. There is so much to do in the house we have now to make what we want, that I told Tony, what is the difference? Yes the farmhouse will need more, but we will have all expendable money minus our utilities, so its not a problem! Living here we dont' have the expendable income to do what I want. I'm just a wee bit excited at the prospect and trying not to get my hopes up til we know for sure, but I think it will happen!

I've just felt a bit bogged down in trying to see through the mud in this failing economy which has hit us hard as Tony worked for CSX and the stupid coal tax BO imposed immediately upon entering the White House hit rail freight hard, especially the lines around here, not to mention the cars that they used to haul not being exactly in demand with a failing auto industry. So I'm thrilled at the prospect at getting our heads above water. Also wanting to get out of this dumb house before Cap and Tax, (trade) goes through. If we have to retrofit this sucker to environmental standards we'll never be leaving! I could chase another trail about the disgusting infringement on nearly all aspects of our lives by big govt, but I feel it needs its own special blog.

Lookin' forward to change, with anticipation, not fear!



  1. I hope whatever you and Tony decide, that you will be happy with your decision either way. I'm excited for you that what you want could happen. It's amazing how our hearts can change and we didn't even realize it. i too,am on a plan to try to make things "easier" persay. I wanted to see about having Mariah's picture taken by you sometime this week but it may have to wait for a week or two. I am swamped this week with trying to get ready for her party and so on...Looking forward to seeing you Saturday! Love ya!

  2. Ha well just posted one, didn't see this comment til after. And where have your's been?