Sunday, July 11, 2010

Project Life Weeks 29 and 30

Week 30 : July 4-10

Here is my blue living room! You can't see the streakiness in the pictures but the painter had to redo it. It was pretty funny because the day before we were up there to help and he would not leave Tony alone as he tried to paint the ceiling. Every stroke he took he got nagged about uneveness and runs. Well we left and the painter guy did the living room himself . When we came back I couldn't believe it! Had it just been friends fine but the pro very picky painter had runs and streaks everywhere. It looks great now though. I love the blue I picked with the wood work. The floors will be hardwood in that room as well.

My friend in AZ decided to start making children's clothes and asked me to do the photography of her pieces for her website. I LOVE them. Tenderfeet Stitches. click the link to check out her great clothes. This is the Apron Knot dress. I love it, like all her other pieces. The close up shot on the bottom is after Ella was climbing the bails and managed to find a hole to follow all the way down through and disappeared into the hay. It was too funny, she just disappeared!

The cows are never this close. They see us and head way out in the pasture.
I dont' know why because we never even get close to the fence. This day I parked by the barn
and they all stayed there. I guess they didn't expect me to get out.

I had to retake some of Laci in this tunic from the previous shoot. I think she looks so cute here.

Another day of photos for Tenderfeet Stitches. She was a little better at this time around.

For the fourth we were lucky enough to have Tony home for the day. We started with a patriotic lunch after church at a local Chinese buffet lol. After we all napped we headed up to a small lake and let the girls play for awhile. Ella shocked me with how brave she was for it being her first time there this year. She hopped in that Strawberry Shortcake floatie and just took off in the water. She kept going under because she was trying to do a little too much. We had to stay on top of her!
Then we headed up for fireworks. If you look at the upper right hand corner you'll see that is Ella covered up in a pink blanket. As soon as they started she put it over her head. I took her in the car and we watched them from there. The picture of her w/the fireworks was actually taken inside the car. I always hated the loud sounds too as a kid so I feel for her.

Week 29: June 27 - July 3

This was Laci's first shoot for Tenderfeet Stitches. I love the tunic she's wearing. I even wear it on Ella as a dress lol. Laci looks too grown up in some of these though!

My friend in AZ decided to start making children's clothes and asked me to do the photography of her pieces for her website. I LOVE them. The blue and green dress Ella is wearing is now the favorite dress I have for her. The little tank and bloomers outfit is adorable too. She loves it and calls it her Little Bo Peep outfit. She wants to wear it daily. This was our first day of many shoots for Tenderfeet Stitches. Click on the name to see her collection and get some for your princesses! They're timeless adorable outfits you just can't find anywhere nowadays.

We love the Pittsburgh Zoo. This was Ella's first trip though not her first zoo trip altogether. We had a great day and it wasn't too hot so the animals were out and about more than we're used to seeing. We even saw a peacock wandering around the zoo paths with us out of his habitat! Not sure if he was supposed to do that or not but he managed to get back where he was meant to be on his own. I got some shots of the girls with him.
My kids are normally so clean I can send them out in regular clothes to play. We've never really had "play" clothes- but we'll have to start. I don't know how well you can tell since its in collage form, but these girls are covered from head to toe in dirt after playing while Daddy worked up at the new house. Yes, Laci wore all white...

She was "napping" with Laci's eye mask. She's a big ham.

I finally cleaned out and put up their little splash pool. They had a lot of fun- till they found a bees nest under the slide...

Ella is big into dress up now. She went up for pajamas and came down in this...


  1. As always wonderful pictures and a beautiful family!

  2. Wow, great pictues!!! Love your collages. And the one of your daughter with the eye mask on, too cute!!

    Thanks for you sweet comments♥

  3. Love all your collages. Those clothes are adorable (and the models are pretty cute too)!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog!