Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Project Life week 26

This was another one of those weeks where I didn't necessarily take a picture every day but we had many days where there was more than one picture from the day that I'd want to use. I'd much rather use another cute picture from the same day than have mundane pictures just to fill it because I didn't take a shot Wednesday or Friday...

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Tony giving the girls yet another "tour" of the house.

Ella at the top of the staircase. We're keeping the original because its so pretty. We're stripping
it though- mahogany underneath and just doing a natural stain.
Wanted to keep some original
things since the house
has been in the family- some history.

The view outside of Ella's window this day. They started
doing hay and had the hay wagon out. I
still find it funny I'm going to live on a farm.

These are the vents that allowed heat to flow through the house.
We're talking OLD farmhouse.
We're refinishing the original floors
and were going to take these out
but the floor guy thinks the patch
job won't look super so we're leaving them in.
We're going to sand them down and shine them up.
The contractor loves the house and is very happy
we're keeping an original detail like these.
At first I was not thrilled but I think they're
pretty cool now. More history.

Thursday we went to Idlewild Park and Storybook Forest with
Tony's family in visiting from Colorado.
Ashlyn and Old King Cole.
Wish I could have kept her here.
Ella really took to her, sometimes she was the only
one who could calm her.

Ella as one of the seven dwarves. Her little short
nose and petite features are quite
dwarf like lol.

Ella and Snow White. Look how happy.
Can't wait to take her to Disney next year!

Little pig Little pig Let me in!

Ella with the Old Woman who lived in a shoe. She didn't
like her. Had to have grandma sit with her.
The Old Woman was insistent Ella
come see her. Guess
she wanted another child to
stuff in the shoe.

Ella with the Old Woman's shoe. She kept
"Stinky old shoe stinky old shoe"
as she ran through it.

Laci going on to the Goodship Lollipop.

Laci and Abby in front of
Humpty Dumpty.
I could be wrong but I think when I was
a kid he swayed back and forth.
He's kind of old now and just sits there.

In a big tractor.

She insisted on her outfit and it was so funny.
A swimsuit and pajama pants.
At least it matched.
She loves farm machinery.
Her motto is
"I like to wear fancy dresses and dig in the dirt"

Laci looks like a little farm girl with her hair and freckles.
Good luck getting her to do any work of any kind though.

I like the angle of this one.


  1. Looks like you had a very fun week. Love the old farmhouse vents. It gives character.

  2. LOVE the farm girl pictures! I have a little farm girl too!

  3. Wonderful photos! I especially love the tractor pics. Your girls are just darling!

  4. Love the vents and stairs! I also adore the tractor pictures. They are all lovely!

  5. Wow...what a house!!! Great shots of the girls too. Love the view from that window. A little bit of heaven for me~