Monday, February 28, 2011

Cute and crunchy or dirty hippy?

I just took stock of my recent life choices.

I'm a stay at home, home schooler who doesn't vaccinate , breast feeds, cloth diapers, baby wearer, natural child birth labored in a birthing tub, makes home made organic baby food, new mega juicing fan, homeopathic remedy user ( still learning these) , trying to reduce additives and preservatives in our diet, amber teething necklace using, cute clothes sewing , farm living mom. I have become rather crunchy granola this year. Add in a compost pile and that worm farm my bestie desperately wanted and I may cross into dirty hippy category. ( ok not dirty hippy Tony yells at me for all the showers and baths I Take in a day. Babies are dirty and my muscles ache leave me alone but hippy does not sound as fun without the dirty) oh and that reminds me our water supply is from a natural spring. That probably places me squarely in hippy territory.

But my question is: do dirty hippies wear three inch heels?

No they dont so I'm safe.

I really do worry about all the toxins we are putting in our bodies via vaccines and our food.hormones in our chickens and cows. All the crap they inject into us through vaccines. It's a mess. Have you seen a recent commercial for meds? Can they make a drug that does t take five minutes to detail all the side effects ? Surely things from nature have to be safer. You can't even get a water supply ( unless you harness the power of a natural spring like me) without it having fluoride in it. ( it's a carcinogen folks)

So I'm quite crunchy these days. But I conclude I'm not a hippy because my motivations are not driven by a desire to save "mother" earth but as a mother who is worried about the side effects of what so called science of today deems health and best. They tell us we all have to do x y z and follow blindly becuase they know best then ten years later say whoopsy you're all at a high risk of cancer and alzheimers and parkinsons because well we don't know it all afterall .

Call me a dirty hippy but I'd much rather take my chances with the nature that was created for us to live in and with.

(and the cloth diapers? Well, have you seen them? They're adorable!)

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  1. Of course " the man" would say that :)

  2. Thx for stopping by my blog the other day. :)

    Now, as for the 3-inch high heels, ummm, yeah, I'm clumsy, so no bueno for me. That takes serious skills. As would water birthing, I'd imagine. In any case, I'd say that wearing the heels rules you out as hippie potential. Promise. ;p