Friday, April 8, 2011

Out of the mouth of babes

I have three kids but you would never know it by my blog postings- they're all about ella. I guess it's because she is in that magical and silly stage which readily provides interesting moments continually throughout the day.

Today I had Put out a bunch of Easter foam stickers for Ella to make a picture. She put a few words on and asked me what they said. I said well that one says praise what does that mean?

"when we sing to God like this like at church " and she raised her hand.

She put a church on then and said "this is my church and I love it" I had to write HMC on it to make it her church.

Then she found a sticker of praying hands. She decided they were clapping instead. She said "our church likes to clap to praise God" so once she came to that conclusion I spent the next twenty minutes picking paper off of "clapping hands" because "we like to clap a lot at that church"

My point is our kids are watching us whether we know it or not. What are we teaching them in those moments when we aren't even aware they are learning from our actions? Are we instilling positive things in them?

I'm so thankful for hyndman ministry center. We have a church that is Teaching our kids to praise God with abandon. To worship him without worrying about what the person next to you thinks. There is freedom in that place and our kids are being brought up to feel free to worship God in whatever way they feel led to and you see when they come out with their parents, they join right in. I'm so glad my kids are learning church is a place of joy , that it's fun to be at church not an obligation and praising God doesn't mean you stand in a pew staring a head singing a songs fit for a funeral!

I'm not perfect my kids learn my negative actions too. Laci is so snarky and sarcastic frequently and one day Tony yelled at her for her mouth and I realized she probably doesn't realize she's even doing anything wrong because he and I can be sarcastic, both just in a teasing way but Also when we are irritated. We are both working on it because we realized just like Ella is learning by observing us at church Laci is picking up things we don't mean to teach.

Kids really are little sponges soaking up everything from the environment you put them in. From the music we listen to when they are around to the people you allow around them. Its writing on the slate of who they are and affecting how they view life. I'm so thankful to my church family for providing a place for my kids to grow in freedom and Joy- to learn positive things and how to praise God.

Here is the picture she made. I love it. I was asking her about it and she said that's our church. She said " the people are in there praising God and clapping and dancing. All these claps are coming out of the church from the people praising God."

She then said " all the people are still in there they're going to come out late because everyone wants to keep praising..... And because Pastor Stevie is still yelling"

Bwahaha Hmc people - I promise I don't complain about the length of services! I love when it runs over! She's just very observant :)

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