Monday, April 4, 2011

Snow white probably had rabies

I've said before, we live on a farm and have some wooded areas around us. With wooded areas come woodland creatures. Ella saw a dead raccoon on the road and is now fascinated by them. We have to talk about them daily. And everytime she brings them up we remind her they may look cuddly but are mean and dangerous. I blame Disney. Not only do animals talk and interact with the people, on movies where they are just regular animals they come out of their woodland homes to crawl happily all over the princesses. My kid already thinks she's Snow White so I'm sure she thinks all the first creatures naturally love her and want her to sit on the ground and sing a happy tune to them.

As she talks about her fondness for the bandit of the forest I always envision buddy the elf upon entering NYC and encountering his first raccoon:

"hello little guy, want a hug?" - raccoon on face.

I even used that image to explain to Ella she needs to STAY AWAY!

Still, she will not be turned away from her deep affection for the rabid beasts. Even as i type this shes is asking about them!

Earlier today as we were going to church she spoke of loving raccoons. Tony took his turn at the raccoons are dangerous speech.

Tony-" ella if you ever see a raccoon outside stay away from it."

" Well dad they can't reach the doorknob . "

"Yes ella but if YOU are outside and you see a raccoon you stay away! "

" dad , do you know what raccoons do when they see a doorknob they can't reach? They stand. Do you know what zebras like to do? Open doors for raccoons. You know what that raccoon wants to do dad? See my play room"

We can't win. Even if she isn't outside she is going to let the thing in for a tea party and if she doesn't, a rogue zebra will.

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