Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Take a look to the right of this post. See that little icon with the adorable blonde girl knowing her head labeled 7x7? I've had it on my blog for over a year because it's something I've been meaning to institute into my life and like a well laid plans.... Well I haven't.

The icon is a link to a blog post by Angie Smith, wife of Todd Smith from Selah. She wanted reminders throughout the day to pray for her children. She picked out seven daily activities : waking up, getting dressed, going out, eating, getting ready for bed and sleeping. She found verses she wanted to instill in her children's lives to pray over them during these times.

I really have an issue with three kids and one who is permanently attached to my body like an extra appendage finding a quiet time to pray as much as I liked. I've realized this week that instead of having a perfectionist view of getting away by myself an hour every night I may have to adjust things some days and this is an excellent way to make sure I am praying over my kids and speaking into their lives daily. It also institute a prayer without ceasing type of attitude making you get in the practice of having a lifestyle of prayer throughout your day not just whenever you deem your "quiet time " .

I really encourage you to click that icon and check out her post. While you're there grab a box of tissues and read her story of grace and strength. She is a beautiful person whose words have touched me in so many ways.

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