Friday, October 28, 2011

Everybody's got a water buffalo

Home schooling is hard. Most parents send their darlings away for 8 hours or so five days a week. I keep mine at home - with ME !

Oftentimes I question the sanity in doing this. I could have free babysitting five days a week or some of my kids and eventually all. I'd have hours to clean , get my nails done and accomplish all the hobbies I've wanted to master but have been only able to try out finding no time to delve further. I could even work out!

But no we decided to home school, so not only are my darlings here- I have to teach these beasts!

I probably question the sanity of this three times a week- on a good week. Then I have days like today while teaching Ella letter recognition andetter sounds.

"Ella this is a 'B' it says "buh." what do you see in this room that starts with a B"

Ella ( with gusto):

We were in my non Midwestern decor living room. No buffalo in sight. But it does start with a B.

Had I sent her to school some teacher who would likely not be as amused in her ditsy personality and the existence of invisible buffalo in the room would have gotten to share this experience, and soon forgotten about it.

For me it's little moments of silliness that make the stress and lack of me time worth it .

Excuse me I have to go feed our buffalo.

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