Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Dude where's my car

Obviously I need more sleep. We pulled into the driveway tonight , Tony said "crap "and pointed to the empty space where his car should be.

I on the phone with the bestie say "*gasp* Tonys car was stolen or something."
he gives me a look and says "it's at the park and ride - I met you there before we took the kids to dance".
He forgot to pick it up which was what I was supposed to garner from his "crap" not" oh no! Grand theft auto."

This sadly came minutes after I said to him

"I had to distant myself"
- just like the stupidest housewife of all bravo housewives.
(I'm sorry for making endless fun of you Teresa giudice. I apparently have no room to talk.)

Once upon a time I was a smart girl. Sadly with each child a part of my brain died and apparently is still Dying. Please be kind to me in my senility. I'm hoping to recover over the next year or two as Layla learns to sleep without being physically attached to me.

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