Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A whole bunch of Project Life!

Week 21

Ice cream for dinner night. Mommy's acid reflux was bad :D
They each got their own Ben and Jerry's.

Ella was home with Daddy during the storm
and ran around the house waving her arms
yelling "Shoo Thunder Shoo"
She also tried some lasso
technique to harness the thunder
lassoing a long bead necklace in the
air overhead yelling
She said it worked.

Hail storm! We had to pull over
on the way home from school
because the rain was falling
so hard and fast that the roads
couldn't drain and it was bad!!!
At home our yard was covered in hail.

Laci's end of school eyear program.Her class sang a cute song.
In the upper left is her friend Rebekkah and
at the bottom is her buddy Allison.

Finally picked out porcelain tile for the floor and countertops for the kitchen .

Ella the cow grazing in the front yard of the farm house.

Pondering life's mysteries. ( I told her to look at the sky ;D)

Hannah and Ella at the park. So glad they were born hours apart!

This was in the throw away pile
of course she fell in love with it.
It remained out because she uses
to clean her toys
and does so without a fight.
I think that's a fair trade.

Week 20

Heidi and Mike came to visit bearing gifts!

Going to visit Laci's cat (who is currently knocked up) in the barn.

View from our dining room where I
imagine Ella will stand endlessly at the french doors
or huge window and watch "her" cows.

It doesn't look so good here. You can see on the back
they have the addition on already. It went up in less than
a week I think. Can't wait for the asbestos
siding to be gone!

Week 19

They found bear and deer tracks. They also learned
about ant hills.

Chasing after Daddy after he
stole Laci's bike.

I don't know if she rode anything
or just ran around with a helmet on.
I love these little bitty legs.

Laci riding her bike on the farm roads. Miles to ride
with no cars for mommy to worry about!
One of our fields

My Mother's Day flowers. I don't know why blogger
insists on posting this vertically :S
I also got an Ipod Touch and accessories.
The kids love it lol.

What happens when you stay up for cookies at midnight.

Week 18

Cookies at midnight.

A wood shed outback. I love the coloring of the wood as a backdrop
for pictures.
The view from our porch. Cat Deely ( laci's cat) lives in that red barn.

Ella's cows at the house we're renovating. There are 4
calves. They are the quietest animals.
I have heard only one lonely moo all this time.
Ella moos far more than they do.

Ella making Pioneer Woman French Breakfast Pastries
with Aunt Jenni on one of our weekly girl's days.
I like to go without Ella but it doesn't always happen.
She's always excited to be included though.

Just in Walmart parking lot. I just
loved her littly Gymbo fairy wings fluttering
in the breeze on her shirt.

Tony and I scored NHL playoff tix and headed for our
last trip to the Mellon Arena. While I'm excited for a new arena
we've had so many great times at the Igloo that I hate to see it go.
I'm glad we made it this year. The Penguins lost but the
game was still fun and just being there was great.
It was nice just to get away with Tony for a day. I feel
like we never have time together. It was just
nice to be a happy couple for awhile and not
busy parents!
Week 17

Laci and I haven't had much time together with me being so
sick this pregnancy so I took her for the first time
to get her nails done. It was a nice time for us. She's
been such a big help lately so she deserved a treat.
Notice the unmanicured baby hand
interjecting itself into the picture.

Ella pre-hair and makeup services.
She is so hard
to keep clean!

Wanted to wear the babylegs outfit again.
I love those little
legs :D

She received her first pair of baby legs today in the mail.
We had to find something to wear to match
to go to church with Grandma that night.

Tasting for the first time the combination
of her 2 favorite foods-
chocolate and strawberries.
Notice the blissful look on her face....

She's just so dainty

Week 16

Leigh Anne's first prom. She looked so beautiful. Ella said she always
knew Leigh Anne was a princess.

Ella had these Gymbo Daisy Days shoes last year.
We found them this year and she wore them in April one
Sunday. She loved them but unfortunately
when we got home from church she couldn't walk-
they were a tad small. She refused to take them off!
She even wanted to wear them to the evening
service and her feet were so swollen I had
a hard time getting them on but she insisted!
My 2 year old - already choosing style over comfort!
Luckily I found a size up on Ebay and they came today.
She was sooo happy!

Ella got a Zippity game system for Easter.
Its a really cute system for kids
gets them moving!
Just another day in the Carey
household. Two Sleeping Beauties
(or Sleepy Belles as Ella calls her)
Descending the royal staircase.

Our first trip of the season to the Tastee Freeze up the road. It was a beautiful day for a walk and its always a good day for icecream! The girls both INSISTED on wearing sunglasses. They make me giggle.
Just glad to see some spring flowers!!!


  1. Wow...those were some GREAT pictures. I love your girls eyes, stunning!!

    Love all the outdoor pictures too. I'd love to see that every day! Beautiful~

  2. Thanks. I'm excited to see it everyday! Its so so peaceful up there. I hate leaving, even though the house is (or was ) completely gutted with no electricity or running water I always wanted to stay! Not too much longer I guess.

  3. Mandy: Just wanted to tell you what a great mom you are!!! You do so many nice things with the girls. I love love love the land where you are going to be living!! It's so beautiful! I'm happy for you! Love ya!