Thursday, March 24, 2011

Ella Bella bunny slayer

I'm going to start writing a few time a week about each of my kids. Mostly as a journal for myself because my memory is awful. I have actual paper and pen journals but I never seem to get around to writing. I feel I have a Better shot of preserving memories this way.

I'll start out with Ella since she is probably the most interesting and difficult!

She has been so funny this week. Just a couple days ago my mother in law gave her a big chocolate bunny. Apparently she took him to bed with her and I heard rustling at three a.m. (I was up still unfortunately) I walk in and see Ella sitting up in bed with this

Looking like this

I never know what to expect with this kid. She makes me reevaluate my approach to parenting and life for that matter. She has taught me that sometimes you jus have to laugh in spite of your surroundings. I have to because I'm always finding piles of spices laying about or makeup painted on our walls- any combination of mess. I could get angry but instead I laugh and grab my camera. She taught me that. And she's made me a better person because of it.

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