Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Shootin the poop

I should just dedicate this blog to Ella . It's quite obvious she is the most interesting cog in the wheel Carey and has been for sometime.

We have been potty training for
Well over a year. Nothing works. We have painstakingly analyzed every angle of the issue from fear to power struggle and have not found a solution. It was time to get creative.

Last Tuesday was a rough day so I decided to take a walk. As I was leaving I informed Ella that I was off to see the Poop Fairy. Her big blue eyes widened. I'm not sure what could have been going through her mind upon hearing of this new mythical creature.

I didn't expound just left her to wonder. Mostly because I hadn't worked out the con completely yet in my own mind.

After a time I deemed long enough to have believably traipsed through the woods to a magical fairy hut, I returned. I informed Ella I had just spoken to the poop fairy at her woodland workshop. She put her head down, I assume expecting some chastisement from what must certainly be a smelly wood nymph. I told her the poop fairy brings prizes like her sister the tooth fairy (her face brightened) but only when you poop in the potty. (exasperated groan) to drive the urgency home I informed her there was a limited number of spots on her list of clients and she had only one spot left. I worked out a deal that if Ella Pooped in the potty the next day she could have that most coveted spot on the poop list. Her face brightened.

The next day indeed she did what she fought so long not to do. I told her this one only got her a spot on the list and shed have to again tomorrow to receive a present. I also informed her if she didn't go in the potty she lost her spot and would have to work to get back on the list.

She woke the following morning and informed me she wanted to go visit the poop fairy. ( to negotiate the terms of her contract no doubt) I'm sure she saw the brief moment of panic on my face but I quickly regained composure and said "only grown ups get to go to her house. Kids aren't allowed to visit people like tooth fairies and Santa, it's a security risk." At this point I felt like the Grinch telling Cindy Lou who that her tree had a light that wouldnt light on one side. He was taking her tree to the north pole he'd fix it up there and he'd bring it back here.

Grinchy or not she understood but looked so sad so quickly I added - you can call her! But only if you use the potty all day!

After a long day of her by my side (if she goes off on her own she goes to the bathroom so she's on lockdown til she drops a number two now) finally at seven she shouted from the potty "I did it call that fairy!"

I had already asked my best friend in the whole world to be our poop fairy. I love her, she's the kind of person who is honored to take on such a job.

Soon Ella got a call from what sounded like mrs doubtfire crossed with the wolf pretending to be red riding hoods grandmother . Her face lit up. Mine went dark as I heard aunt Jennie going totally off script. " I'm in my wood shed dearie just whittling up some wooden toys to give out to all the good boys and girls who poop in the potty"

Really? WOODEN toys. When the poop fairy was done with her spiel I ran upstairs behind closed doors and yelled "I didn't buy wood you nut bag what were you thinking?"

" I don't know I got nervous. It sounded good just give her a yoyo or something."

" yeah I'll whip up a wooden yoyo at 9 pm"

I didn't. She got a remarkably plastic looking "wooden" barbie and ken "she said yes "set. (did you know they were back together?)

She's done really well. Not perfect but she's getting there and it's no longer a battle. She is just someone who needs a little magic in her life.
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