Friday, March 30, 2012

A dog by any other name...

Tony's dad said we needed a bigger dog that would keep wildlife away (or eat it) apparently cockerspaniels don't have any street cred with him. So, last night we ended up with a husky. Tonys favorite- not so much mine, although there are some right up the road sired by Disney dog actors! A dog with Disney lineage? I'll take two!

We named it Crosby, after Sidney Crosby- awesomeness in a cute package- from Pittsburgh Penguins but Ella hates that because "it's SPORTS. she's a girl." and in protest is calling the dog Crystal.

It cracks me up because she picked a real person she knows, probably her favorite person at church. They share a nickname - grizzle, because Ella would throw awful fits and I'd say her behavior was not befitting a lovely lady like name as Isabelle, she must be Grizzlebelle which became Grizzle for short. Im not sure what Crystal did to earn her name.

Miss Crystal also happens to have a son who is crushing on Ella. I think there must be a connection....

This dog better Kill some menacing creatures because I am not by nature a dog person and have found myself with two in a rather short span...

She does have a nice disposition though.

And you can't beat a name like Crosby... Or Crystal.

She moved- see her pirate scar?

I have large ears. The better to hear with my dear. I also have a Parti eye (multi colored eye ) which has caused many party jokes at my expense already. And a song "there's a party in my eye so pretty so pretty " thank you Yo GABA GABA

I don't like leashes and I am not moving until I feel slack in this thing.

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