Monday, March 5, 2012

Make Something Monday- off with your head edition

It's Make Something Monday but we have been battling the plague of Norovirus and some secondary infection since Valentines Day. We had three days of everyone being healthy then everyone started throwing up again.

Now Layla is dealing with a bit of stuffiness which for a baby is apparently a huge deal as I have had to stay up all night with her the last two nights.

I got an hour sleep today - at 11 am bringing my two day total to 4.

I made nothing this Monday.

Well not physical anyway.

I had Tony rent a bunch of movies a few days ago realizing we would be couch and bed ridden over the weekend with nothing to watch. Silly me, with kids movies take s good 6 hours to finish! So today I just got around to the last of them - Anonymous.

It's about the whole was Shakespeare really Shakespeare or just a ghost writer for a noble man controversy. It's set during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I - a Tudor.

I love Tudor history and have shared some great nerdy historical fiction fun with the bestie. Subsequently I bought Laci a kids version of the diary of a young Elizabeth Tudor a few years ago. She liked her instantly for the red hair they share.

Well of Course I didn't get far into the movie and Layla demanded to be taken to bed. She doesn't like to nap downstairs. I paused the movie and hoped to get a nap in with her. That didn't happen.

When I came downstairs I came upon Laci and Ella discussing Lady Jane Grey, Catherine ... Henry the VIII wives.

Apparently not knowing how to work the new tv they turned my movie back on watching enough to find out it was about Elizabeth and to give me a spoiler of a sword fight...

As I walked into the kitchen to make a quick dinner before they headed to see The Lorax I heard "he had 6 wives. A lot of them were beheaded"

Ella: " that means dead"

Thanks Scholastic!

In any case I did make something this Monday- a couple of British history buffs.

Oh and their favorite wife - "Anne Bullion" (Boleyn)
Now off to finish my movie.
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