Friday, January 4, 2013

Insta Friday- it's really 2013 already?!

We have way too much snow. Our driveway is still blowing shut and it basically looks like Alaska at my house thanks to drifting.


Layla sleeping with her new favorite dolly she received for Christmas.
There's a story behind this doll.

Before we had Laci (our first child) Tony and I had both always had a heart for adoption. Both alwaus moved by the plight of Girls in china due to the preference of sons and the barbaric one child policy. Those sweet girls who manage not to be aborted or murdered as a child when mother gets pregnant and hopes for a chance at a son, end up in orphanages with a sad overwhelming mass of other beautiful abandoned girls.

I can't stomach it. I want to do something about it.

Even before we had laci we had researched Chinese adoption. At the time we weren't old enough even- early twenties , just married.

When we had Laci, I wanted to prepare her to accept any child- in the even we adopted. So when she was two I bought her this adorable baby after having already fallen in love with Corolle dolls :

Cailyn Yang

Tony named her Ming Na... After that E.R. Actress.... Laci kept the name and she's still called that. She was and is loved. Her hair is in dred locks for being so loved.

When Ella came along at about the age of two she also became enamored with ming Na. It's easy to see why. She is so soft yet life like and just the perfect size for tiny hands and to snuggle with. As big of an American girl fan I am - this size Corolle doll is far better for toddlers than sweet bitty baby. (Of which we have four plus two bitty twins...who are all also very loved but just a tad too big for constant toting about)

So Ella got her own Caylin yang for Christmas and named her Minty. She smells of baby powder which apparently to Ella smells like mint.

Well the last few months Minty has been the object of a bitter custody dispute between Ella and our two year old Layla. Seems Layla could not resist the allure of this doll either!

We were all relieved and Layla ecstatic when Santa left yet another Caylin Yang at our house.

She hasn't been out down since and Layla is very protective of her- especially at bedtime.

No eclectic name as of yet- she's just Baby.

I do highly recommend her or one of her Corolle counter parts. They are beautiful little dolls. I'm not sure where some of lacis others went and I'm sad thinking I may have given them away as, being the first child of a mommy who loved dolls growing up, she had quite a surplus...I know what I'm doing today! Searching stashes to hopefully find them!

Layla loves my best friends dog elphaba. Elph (named after the wicked witch of the west in Wicked :) ) and I have had a rocky relationship as in her youth she pestered the heck out of me. But she's getting old and just lays about - usually on top of my feet when I'm there and I can't help but have a soft spot for the old girl now. She is a good dog so sweet and gentle.

Surrounded by cuteness on New Year's Eve. Ella and my nephew ;)

He jumped up on us

Ella partying on NYE

NYE and sparkly

Too old for pictures - Laci and her bestie. Apparently they've upgraded each other to sister status. Which is fitting since her mom is my best friend and more like a sister than anything.

Just dance time . Love Ella's determined face

Best friends chalkboard wall filled with party guests New Year resolutions. Awesome idea - more on it Here

Me and Ellie


More just dancing the next day with their favorite cousins who live too far away :;(

Ella was being "Taylor Swifts" stylist.

Laci got a sewing machine for Christmas. After sewing up her grandfathers socks (he kept telling them they had to sew up the holes jokingly and they ended up doing it lol) her first project was this American Girl doll dress. I only sewed on the Velcro .

Her second project was this pink corduroy skirt. So cute!!!

Tonight she traded baby in for a purse she fought hard for and passed out on the couch-
victorious ...

Walked in and she was having a tea party with her imaginary friends- you can tell where they're sitting because of the hats they're wearing... Sarah the Eagle and Millie the Mermaid (who was supposed to be dead...) not sure who is wearing the third hat, maybe one of the members of the very large deer family who all have Bob as part of their name?

Her room is so overwhelmingly pink it creates a heavy pink color cast on iPhone pics. I was going to try and fix it- but it's appropriate.

All dressed up for the tea party. This time with real people.

They always hold their dresses like that ever since Lady Tremaine (Cinderellas step mother for you non disney obsessed) taught them how to properly pose for pictures during our September WDW trip. <3

And that's a week!

Take some quick shots and join up next week for insta Friday- it's fun and an excellent way to document your memories !

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