Monday, January 14, 2013

Make Something Monday: Peplum Skirt 2 Ways

Peplum skirts are in! I think they're so cute and rather British.

Today I set to work making them for my daughters' American girl dolls.

One short

One long

And two ways to make the peplums.

Peplum skirt: 2 ways

First you need to cut your fabric.

You need a waist band: 2.5x13.5

a strip for the peplum- info below

and the body of the skirt
4"or5" x13.5"

Also you need Velcro to fasten the skirt. Or if you prefer elastic just make your waistband in the way to make an elastic casing.

- Hem the bottom edge of your skirt.

Now on to peplums:

I did the peplums two different ways. Which way you choose determines the size of fabric.

The width is 26.5 " both ways. If you would like to make a duller peplum you can make it longer.

The first way I made the peplum was to cut the length 2" and hem the bottom edge by folding it under 1/4" and sewing.

On the short skirt in the picture this is the peplum you see. I do think in the future for a short skirt I will shorten the peplum length by half an inch.

The second peplum method was to fold the fabric piece in half, long sides together, making the folded edge the bottom of the peplum . Sew along the top edge to secure it.

To do this you need to increase your length to 4"instead of 2".

It is the peplum on the long version of the skirt and my preferred peplum.

I just think it has a nicer finish to it.

Once you decide on your peplum and sew it as directed above, run a gathering stitch.

I've found instead of pulling the strings after you run your gathering stitch, as I was taught, it's just easier to hold the thread taught up where it comes off the spool as you run the stitch. This gathers it as you are sewing and you can just even it out when done.

Gather the peplum to the width of your skirt.

Sew Onto skirt as directed.

Now take your waistband and fold it in half. Wrong sides together.

Simply place your folded waist band on your skirt and like up the raw edges of the waistband with those of the skirt and peplum. Sew in place.

All that's finished is to sew up the back.

Fold the skirt right sides together.

You don't want the peplums to get sewn into the back seam so pull them up out of the way.

Sew as directed above.

Turn skirt right side out.

Now sew the peplum ends.

Finally, add the Velcro to the waistband in typical fashion and you are finished!

I like both lengths. The short one looks like a fun shopping outfit and the longer one makes Izzy look like she's going to have tea with Kate Middleton.

The doll pictured is Ella's My American Girl doll found Here

She's one of our favorites. Very cute.

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