Monday, February 22, 2010

Not Me Monday

It certainly was not me who told my Laci that I'd take her for icecream if she pushed down her bully cousin the next time bully hit or pushed down Ella. Granted I asked her to do without a bribe she wouldn't even after me explaining that 7 year olds who hurt babies need to be taught a lesson.

It wasn't me who set her 2 year old up with a bowl of cocoa puffs no milk, because I was too tired/sick to feed her some with milk. Never.

Wasn't me who bought tons of ingredients for all the recipes I was so excited to make a couple weeks ago and now, with the exception of making maybe 2 dishes, said ingredients are rotting in the fridge b/c everything I thought sounded so good now makes me gag.

So what haven 't you done this week?


  1. We are dealing with a bully too and I would love it if my kids would knock her down a level too - cousin also. Good luck

  2. lol good to know. Its super frustrating! And darn it, I raised my oldest too well for her actually to do it :D. The 2 year old is a scrapper so I'm hoping she gets angry and takes the 7 year old out. She goes after my 6 year old so I know she's capable but thats just a sister thing I guess. Sorry you have the same issue!!!