Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Project Life Week 6

Sunday, February 7

Ella is big into dress up lately. The only clothes she'll wear around the house is dress up costumes and this little slip has become her go to outfit. It falls just above her belly button and just makes her look like a cute little early 1900's baby. I love it. I'm going to have to do some real pictures of her in it. She just looks so sweet and innocent like a little antique baby doll.

Monday, January 8

She told me she had made a bed and was putting herself to sleep. Didn't happen.

Tuesday, January 9

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She kept running around saying "What am I going to do? What am I going to do" with her little hands on her face. I have no idea what was perplexing her but it was funny.

She took her goldfish crumbled them out and spread them out on the tv stand. Then she jumped up in the chair I was sitting in and standing on my legs said "Whaddya think?" I said "what do I think about what" She flails out her
hand like a baby Vanna White in the direction of her "creation" and proudly yells "Goreeka" (I guess eureeka). She was just too funny to get too angry.

Thursday February 11

Laci filling out her Valentines for her class party. I think we were the only school in Maryland to have school last Friday!

Friday, February 12

Saturday, February 13

Ella wants to crawl in bed with Laci all the time and "go to bed" she usually pops back out about 3 min. after I leave. It will be nice when she's old enough for them to have sleep overs if Laci wants to by then!

Started potty training. A book I orderd from Amazon for her came and apparently it was good Potty Propoganda b/c she wanted to try immediately. No luck on this day. Note the sippy cup I made her sit and drink to try and help the process. She sat here for 45 minutes. When she got up she refused diapers because Molly Matthews in her book got big girl "unnerpants" when she sat on the potty. I relented and while I ran upstairs quickly to grab a shirt I heard "I gotta go potty" I came down to see I was too late in a mere 10 seconds. She had not just peed but stood on Laci's bookbag of all places and peed. Poor Laci.

Here is a bonus Wednesday picture! It won't go where its supposed to though :( We had our first ultrasound last Wed. Unfortunately the ultrasound tech was an older guy and though we saw really good shots of the baby he obviously wasn't worried about getting us a nice picture. We got 3 all of this which looks more like a chicken nugget than a baby ;( But at least we saw the little bean!

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  1. Great photos. Love the shot of your little nugget!