Thursday, February 4, 2010

Stay at Home Moms are idiots and my rules for dealing with brainwashed Libs.

Or so I learned tonight while debating with a public school teacher who has the grammar of a fourth grader and spelling skills of a highly trained ape. No, really.

My friend homeschools and she was writing on facebook, the bastion of free thought and opinion (snicker), how much she loves it, the support, the community and the resources that are so abundant her children just can't partake of it all.

This guy pops up and immediately posts incoherent arguments about why private school is evil. Okay, she homeschools, he's yelling about private, agenda anyone? So of course, I have to jump in because I think public school is the pits quite honestly and who can argue, as he did, that public school is so far beyond comparison with the underlings private and home. (no underling is a 3 syllable word, he used double at best and couldnt' spell them correctly).

His first point which rides till it is legless and beyond is:

Public School Does Not Kick Out Kids Who Do Not Fit the Mold.

This one I decimate immediately noting that my daughter's school alone is filled with kids who have been PERMANENTLY KICKED OUT OF PUBLIC SCHOOL. They have no other option, but, where, oh yeah A PRIVATE SCHOOL. This simple point is lost on Mr. Dunderhead (no that's what his students call him), although eventually (55 posts later) he gets it, I think, because though he doesn't address it he mysteriously drops this faithful steed and jumps on the next lame horse.

Private Schools Do Not Take In Disabled Children.

This guy is totally playing from Liberal for Dummies handbook at this point. I immediately negate this too, as I know of some in my own daughters school again. He tries the old lib play of attack the messenger when they're smarter than you, by saying "well you're a sub, enough said" Really, because I am a sub, or even just a parent of a student, I don't know enough about the school, how about I know these kids have disabilities, (none as great as his) and I proved you wrong jerk.

Well he never can get a point across that holds water so then I am uneducated, based solely on the fact I now have chosen not to be a full time worker. He goes on and on about this in a condescending tone. Unfortunately, for him, its hard to be upset by claims that I am unintelligent by someone whose posts look like they were translated from Japanese into English by a deaf, blind, mute, who only speaks Spanish. No really, his arguments were incoherent and misspelled, proving my private/homeschool can often be the best choice for a child argument.

He then gets into politics saying my friend and I are just repeating a pledge from Glenn Beck or something. Okay, I don't know how that even fits in to the current debate, but I respond by saying "yeah, because we're incapable of forming opinions independent of Fox News correspondents" he thinks he's cute so he deletes his comment making it look as though my friend and I are admitting this. I suppose sarcasm and wit are something that this particular "educator" also has trouble with along with basic English, because even without his comment anyone could see it was sarcasm and not some sort of admittance. Too funny!

So it goes on and on, him calling me stupid despite my education, just because I choose to stay at home. I have never been fired from anywhere and could do darn well whatever I wished, yes I'm that darn smart, but because I choose to invest in my children and not into a career, I'm a moron. (pretty sure moron was spelled by him with a c somehow.) Again liberal playbook, attack and run.

And run that little bugger did. I unleashed my unholy pregnant rage on his "unbiased" behind and you know what he did? He deleted every vile nasty comment and every lame point he made in an effort to look innocent. Too funny. Just like the Obama administration scouring the internet deleting all the past unsavory comments made by him and his Land of the Czars (do we use the cz or the ts version? I'm new to being communist). No really, and it was so funny, because I think what really got his goat was when (after he kept telling me to GET A CLUE, b/c remember I"m a dummy b/c I stay at home) I wrote : "BTW, Get a clue, really that is such an awesome burn. Idk how you built your way back machine, but if you have time do you think you could steal a comeback line for me from the 50's too?"

I mean, I'm super proud of this and I will stand by it :D And I don't know how thin skinned you are, but if it offends you, 1. buck up 2. he was flat out namecalling and being degrading, this doesn't even touch his. 3. Its hilarious, deal with it.

I had already declared myself champion ( i really did, I told him thanks for continuing to prove my point by posting poorly worded misspelled posts I like going to bed a champion), so his taking his ball and going home by deleting his more abrasive posts ( i say more because they all were) declared me victor officially :D

My point is :

1. If you engage a rabid liberal be prepared for a lot of poorly regurgitated facts. Also, be prepared to hear the same ones again and again, because original thought is not a trait they posess.

2. Be prepared for the use of the word "unbiased" in the most biased of sentences. Libs pride themselves on being acceptant of everyone and their ideas, when really the slightest deviation you may have from their trained thought throws them into a hell bourne rage nothing can stop. THEY ARE RIGHT YOU IDIOT.

3. Blind acceptance of non-fact as cold stone fact in the face of obvious repudiation. (goes along with being "unbiased")

4. When they realize somewhere deeps in the recesses of that soul that has been beaten into a corner, that "oops, that sounded like a fact from my opponenent" you will be verbally punished. You will be slandered, demeaned and ridiculed. (poorly and much like schoolyard taunting and name calling) The liberal is terrified to have his/her worldview questioned/threatened with truth (and truth shines through darkness) so much so, that they will attack and try to make you feel like an idiot. You knowing this already will laugh and appreciate that sad attempt on the little LIbby's part.

5. When you have thoroughly proven yourself superior in intellect and capable of forming coherent truthful arguments (the liberals achille's heel) they will finish berating you then run off to hide, often erasing all incriminating evidence to their stupidity. They may also try and trap you using "your own words" sadly confused by your use of wit and clear sarcasm.

6. You'll always win, because, face it, liberalism is a failed concept, need proof, look no further than the last 2 years. Do not expect an accepatnce on the libs, part, no, libearls, being short sided and often shallow are incapable of introspection. This however does work to your advantage, because you can easily defeat them next time when they pull out the same "facts" you've already decimated.

Good luck. However, don't listen to me, I'm just a stupid stay at home mom :D

*Disclaimer because we live in a PC society and anything anyone says tongue in cheek or not that doesn't agree with one's own world view is seen as a threat or attack I wish to say I by no means hate public schools or their teachers. My characterization (a most flattering one) for this particular oaf does not reflect my view of the many well qualified, hard working teachers out there liberal, conservative or otherwise. I do not think public schools should be abolished, not that they would, nor do I think everyone should have the same view point as I.I do not look down on people who send their kids to public school or said children. I do believe for me and my family for a myriad of social, religious, political, educational and more reasons, public schools are not a fit for us. I do not believe all private schools are perfect. I do believe in a voucher system or something in the way of the wildly successful, Charter program in DC opening up choice to families who have no option other than public schools. The government is doing a great injustice to many kids who flourished under such a program, just because Charter schools wildly outscored the public schools once again showing government can do nothing right, therefore, they had to be quashed. If you take offense to this, its your issue and I'm sorry contact me, and we'll talk it out, but I'll respectfully stand by my opinion and champion your right to yours. If you are a liberal and are reading this, more than likely we are friends and therefore though you know I deeply disagree with you and your political beliefs at their very core and can never reconcile what I see is misguided and damaging to this nation with my own beliefs, you are not an idiotic liberal incapable of hearing other sides. Therefore do not take the above description to heart as it does not apply to you. You have your beliefs and are entitled to them, where you differ from above Liberal is you know I have mine and indeed am entitled to them and are not enraged at our impasse. Good for you, should you ever care to engage in a lively, civilized debate without name calling or degradation I would be happy to oblige.

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