Monday, February 8, 2010

Project Life Tuesday- Week 5

Sunday, January 31st

Ella's birthday party had to be postponed a day due to unruly snow, so we had it on Sunday instead of Saturday. This is my beautiful Princess Ella Mouse on her 2nd birthday. She looks so grown up it breaks my heart, but I am truly enjoying this stage. She loves playing ded at her make believe skills. Her older sister was alwaress up and I'm amazys so intellectual and beyond her years, its fun to have a toddler who acts like a toddler this time, not a civil war scholar!

Monday, February 1st
I can't believe January is over already! This is what I walk into after stupidly trying to clean another room. This does not show the extent of the Skittle spillage. My carpet looked like a Twister mat for bugs or something. This is Ella enjoying an upside down snack hanging off the couch. I don't know, I really don't. Notice the Jasmine costume top that seems to have slipped off during her hand stand. She wears costumes all day long now.

Tuesday,February 2nd

This is Ella - in a gift bag. She was running around like crazy, a video would be more appropriate to post as it was quite hilarious the way she was moving those skinny chicken legs. I walked in and at first since it covers most of her all I saw was this giant bag darting across my living room, very spastically. Then I saw legs . This kid is nuts and always finds some quirky antic to make me laugh each day.

Wednesday, February 3rd
This is Ella holding her cousin Gavin after I did a photo session with him and his mom, my sister. I had to take this quickly while she was putting the other kid in the car because she probably would have had a spazz attack knowing Ella was holding him. I thought it was cute and particularly like how she is cautiously holding him yet letting him dangle off her princess couch :D She tried to get him to give her a piggy back ride earlier in the night when he was having tummy time on the ground. She sees a back-its fair game and time for a ride!

Thursday, February 4th

We went to look at cabinets with our contractor and his wife. We saw his handiwork in 4 houses and are excited because he is awesome!!! Our cabinet maker does beautiful custom work as well and I am so excited (even though I really don't care about cabinets) to have custom made oak (i think we're doing oak, maybe hickory) cabinets in our house! He also does the countertops and we came home with several hundred samples, here's a few we're considering. Any suggestions? It was a nice night, they took us out to a nice dinner afterwards. Sadly, this is the first "date" we've had in months, and it was with our contractor! They're nice people, I'd double with them anytime :D

Friday, February 5th

This is a tree outside our house snow, snow, snow and this was just the begining of what was to come.

Saturday, February 6th

And here is what came! We had close to 40"! Maybe I'll post a few, poor Laci has yet to make an appearance in this week. This pregnancy wipes me out in the afternoon and I just haven't felt like taking any after she gets home from school. Making a mental note for next week!!!


  1. Thanks, I don't know why its so gappy, I keep fixing it but when I publish it looks bad again Oh well..

  2. From what I can tell, I think that I like the sample all the way on the right. Not too light, not too dark. Can't wait to see what you pick!

  3. Great pictures! Your girls are adorable. And congrats on your pregnancy!!!