Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Happy Blankey

One day when Laci was still a tiny baby long long ago we were out shopping with my sisters. We walked by a stuffed animal display and she pointed to a small brown dog with a red collar and said "doggy woof". It was the first time she pointed at something and labelled it so of course she came home with the dog.

She still has it and still loves It- although I must admit she is a stuffed animal hoarder. As long as it doesn't transition to real animals when she moves out winding her up on animal planets uber creepy Animal Hoarders , I'm ok with it.

Two weeks ago I was shopping with one of my sisters, passing time waiting to pick Ella up from her friends and we strolled through the blanket aisle. Layla saw a Minnie one and squealed. It was vintage 1930's Minnie so I was surprised she recognized her, but when I handed it to her she bounced and made her crazy noises she does when she sees Mickey and Minnie in any form - too much excitement for her tiny body to contain . She started cuddling it and I thought well its making her happy so I'll get it.

The thing with Layla is she hates blankets. Always has . She will thrash and kick and yell until a blanket is removed from her . She would rather be cold than feel constrained by a piece of fabric on her.

She played with the blanket for most of our shopping time but when we got to the register she had forgotten about it. I decided she wouldn't use it and Tony is always yelling about the massive amount of blankets in the house so I picked it up and said to Leigh Anne that I wasn't going to get it after all.

Just then Layla ripped it from my hands snuggled it to her face and said
"happy, mommy, happy"

Yes I bought the blanket. How could I not? This little baby who barely talks except in some sort of infant French clearly told me this blanket made her happy. Heart - melt.

It immediately reminded me of Laci and her doggy. I can't believe that little baby is already 8!

I'm glad I bought it. That night while trying to enjoy buffalo chicken dip and watching the Help screams came from upstairs. Layla had thrown up . She then did so twice more while Leigh Anne was there and once in the middle of the night . She was sick for 6 days and the only thing - besides mommy- that soothed her was "happy " .

It's so sweet and such a cute baby thing to do but at the same time, I realized yesterday that she's growing up because she is old enough to pick out things she likes and to know those specific items from say any of the other 20 plush blankets we have around here. She now is a blankey baby- but only with the one she picked.

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