Saturday, April 28, 2012

Overheard in the Carey house

While eating lunch.

Ella: "are we training after this Laci?"

Me:" training for what "

Ella : (singing) "Kung Fu Panda. Legends of AWESOMENESS"

Later that night on the way home from picking up chinese.

Ella: what's for dinner for me
Me: chicken Lo mein
Ella: Chicken lemonade?
me: lo mein
Ella:singing again- chicken lemonade oh lo lo lo
All the while Layla is chanting "fry fry fry fry fry" because she recognized the Golden Arches for the first time.

Tony: We need to have a serious conversation about driving to Florida.

Also all in the same night Ella made the connection that all new foods must first be eaten at Disney world. It stemmed from a conversation about Laci saying carrot cake is gross but after a forced bite at Pecos Bills in Magic Kingdom she loved it.

So later that night when Laci announced that she had tried snow peas before and did not like them Ella asks

So you tried snow peas at Disney world right laci"

I love how her little mind works.

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