Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I love you too

We've waited for months since Layla started talking, jabbering even, we've tried to get her to say it probably daily only for her to not even try. She's said words like princess and Cinderella, complicated I'd say for any baby tongue but one phrase that seems so easy to us apparently was to hard to even attempt to her- love you.

Last night she finally said it :) I was organizing the masses of clothes we have(three small fashionistas) and switching out seasons. Ella opened my bedroom door and said "I love mommy"
Then Layla, always trying to be like her sisters said " I wub mommy"

Yay! It was so exciting and for the next half hour I tried to get her to repeat it. Most of the time she skipped the best part opting for "I mommy" . I know what she meant so I still count it. She threw in some "I daddy" also.

She's growing so much and has the craziest little baby personality. She laughs so hard you can't help but be caught up in it. Before the I love yous, last night she spent a half hour laughing at a meow mix commercial. I had to keep rewinding it, but it was worth because as soon as the two cats came on she would lose it.

She loves her sisters and yells for them all day long. Her face just lights up when they take her off to play. She will look back at us as she is carried off with the proudest smile.

She runs all day from room to room tearing apart whatever she can find. It drives me crazy because I can never keep everything clean, but there will be days for that later. Now all I can do is laugh at her toddler insanity and pick up what I can while she tears apart something right behind me.

She's a little snuggle bunny and really drains me since she still nurses like a four month old. She gets upset anytime I'm up being productive and ive figured out it's because I'm less accessible to her. She likes to lead me to the couch and try to push me down on it. The message is clear- I'm expected to sit on the couch all day so I'm available to be climbed on and hold her at a moments notice. Now if she could just arrange for a maid to clean her messes, I'd gladly comply to the compulsive couch sitting.

She's such special fun little girl with funny quirks like listing all day family members and pointing out eyes on everything (all we hear lately is eye , eye , eye) we love her so much. So good to finally hear her say the same.

" why aren't you sitting where I put you"

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