Monday, April 16, 2012

And the three princesses saved the kingdom from the momm ydragon

Having three kids is tough. Having three kids home all day everyday is fodder for insanity. Throw in rare opportunities for them to be babysat- I get spread thin.

Thank God they're cute.

And creative.

After a particularly daunting week- for no other reason other than it just was, I had just about waved the flag of surrender.

Then imagination kicked in.

Theirs not mine.

Ella came out and handed me these papers.

They were her catalog of hairstyles to choose from. Apparently I had a hair appointment.

But not just from anyone.

I had a Royal Princess to do my style.

And with hair like that, surely she must be an expert.

After rapunzel finished my hair with a myriad of bobbled and ribbons, the doorbell rang. Expecting Tony dropping off lunch I opened the door- and saw a man who was not mu husband, hair full of random barrettes and wild ribbons. Hooray.(sorry no pictures)

After my embarrassing porch encounter with a surprisingly straight faced man confirming which trees he was supposed to trim for the electric company, Ella gave me a show.

YouTube Video

And never one to miss out on attention- Layla joined in.

Here she is pre wig literally stealing ellas thunder.

We all sang along to the Tangled soundtrack. A break from reality into fairytale world was just what I needed.

And they all lived happily ever after.... For a few hours anyway.

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