Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Bringing history to life

Last week I was fed up with the kids taking forever to clean. Going slow for no reason. They have yet to learn I won't do it for them, it's not going away and if you hurry up and do it you're free to do what you wish.

I had no more motivators so I declared no one would get lunch until they finished. It was a task that could be done within a half hour so no one was going to starve.

Later that week we were doing our history lesson with the girls and we were discussing Jamestown. It got to a part where the colony was failing because of lazy sluggards who were taking advantage of the communal aspect, not working but eating the fruits of others labors. (too much welfare anybody???)

And so things had to change :

"he who does not work, will not eat" - Capt John Smith Jamestown

Tony (who was not home for the playroom lunch deal, or the clean bedroom lunch deal which later transpired due to the success of the playroom deal) said
"see and you think we are mean!"

To which Laci simply replied:

"Mommy belongs in Jamestown"

Just doing my part to bring history to life.

"He who does not work, will not eat"

I think I'll get this made into a sign. It's quite effective.

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