Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Happy Birthday Ella

Four years ago the brightest blue eyed baby I've ever seen came into our lives. From the moment we were born we were struck by her big beautiful eyes and long lashes. The nurses loved the blonde highlights through her dark hair. Little Ella has always been a beauty.

As she got older her eyes got bigger, wider, bluer ; her lashes longer, fuller and darker. The dark hair with blonde streaks became blonde and curly. People everywhere wanted to stop us and tell us what a beautiful baby we had. Nearly everyone said she looked like a porcelain doll and she did.

At four people still are always telling me how beautiful she is and she takes their breath away.

She's a petite waif little girl. There is just something ethereal about her looks, sometimes, even though I see her daily she takes my breath away too. Those crystal blue eyes edged in the darkest longest lashes I've ever seen, the cute button nose and rose bud lips all framed by the , now loose, blonde curls. She's a beauty. If only she would let me take her pictures in a real shoot I would be sure to get some stunning ones.

Even more than her beauty Isabelle is full of life. From the beginning her joy was exuberant and her anger fierce! I even nicknamed her Grisslebelle for those moments as I explained to her a princessy name as Isabelle does not fit with the violent fits she can throw. Also Griselda. As a toddler her bad moments were draining for us with screaming fits no one could stop but her happy moments were contagious and we couldn't help but laugh right along.

Thankfully she has become more even keeled in the last couple months but she doesn't cease to bring us smiles.

She lives in her own cotton candy colored world and often i wish I could go there with her. She sees things differently and makes our little world better for it .

I can't begin to detail all the wonderfully amusing moments she's brought us, though many are recounted in this blog, everyones favorite segments, but there are some things that are recurring that capture her unique being:

- she has named her tummy Pinky; she doesn't get hungry, Pinky says it needs food. She doesn't get tummy aches - Pinkh is sick.

- She loves all things PINK. Pink is Ella, Ella is pink.

- She doesn't walk around the house she glides and dances about humming as if she is dancing at an invisible ball only she can see.

- Princess gowns are casual wear to Her Royal Highness Isabelle

- She speaks her own language. I can't even give examples because it makes no sense to me but she has her own words for many things. I'm not quiet fluent enough to recall them now but I am enough to understand what she means when she says it. She knows the real words , for those who don't know her , and speaks perfectly well but finds the actual words too boring. Terms like "floopy" are Better in her world.
Also most normal words must be prettied up by adding a y or long ee sound to the end.
- She will break into dance anywhere that the music moves her. She has danced in every mall we've been too, through Disney World, during fourth of july fireworks,elven the zoo. I think she one ups Buddy the Elf's mantra of "the best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear " and takes it to the next level by spreading joy by dancing everywhere for all to see.

- She currently asks daily to go swimming. In the summer she doesn't ask about it but as soon as the weather cools the demanding to swim begins.

- She absolutely hates kissing. She always turns away screeching as though her eyes are burning. New years eve was fun. I had not thought about how traumatic Dick Clarks rocking NYE may be for a kiss a phobe - after all everyone kisses. So at midnight as I kiss my husband I hear a scream followed by rapid fire commentary

"Oh no they're kissing! everyone every where is kissing. Aaah even mom and dad are kissing !!no no stop it everyone stop it everywhere what is happening?!?"

More recently she ripped off her 3 d glasses and burrowed herself into my arm pit just before Beast and Belle locked lips. Nothing worse than seeing all of NYC makeout than to see a kiss in 3d on the big screen.

- she creates characters. Her current favorite to be is Dr. Makeup. Apparently a doctoral degree does not include teaching one to open their own penguin make up case because I always have to assist the good doctor on this.
Another character is Buffalo Nookins who was formerly known as Bitty Bear as names by the American Girl company, however has been renamed by Ella when she reads me his adventures.

- She is a hard core Barbie fan. She has been since she was 1. She has never seen a Barbie she hasn't needed 3 of. She even named her new bitty baby Barbie Grace and Barbies bear is named Ken. Sadly her love for Barbie has not saved them from multiple limb amputations and decapitations. I'm nit sure what goes down but I find a lot of body parts.

She always has some crazy, quirky down right adorable things to say each day. I love talking with her because we have conversations like this:

Ella-" Can we get another Doggie?"
Me:"We just got this doggie. Don't you like her? "
E:"Yes but I want her to have a mommy"

Because everyone needs a mommy and if they don't have one you can just buy one.

I love you Ella Bella. You are so very , very special to all of us. You bring me so much happiness every day and I enjoy every moment I spend with you. I love you more than pickles Isaboo.

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