Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Make something Monday- yes I have a calendar.

I know it's Tuesday but here was my make something Monday.

Tonys cousin and her family just loved to L.A. And they got the girls American Girl Place tshirts and for their dolls to match. We are headed to D.C. this week for ella's birthday and the girls wanted to wear the shirts. Works out fine for them because they have pretty pettiskirts thet will match but the dolls have nothing to match! So I'm making skirts for them. This is Ellas. I have yet to begin to start Laci's!!

Poor felicity has seen better days. She isn't snorting cocaine either. I tried to give her a baking soda facial scrub and apparently missed a bit.
I'm thinking of paying for the salon for her while we are there. She needs help.

If anyone wants AG clothes lmk. Im going to be an AG undercutter :) $30 for doll clothes? Crazy!!
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