Saturday, January 7, 2012

Stop being stupid Saturday

These little blocks are stirring up the toy community. Why? Because they're pretty, oh no! We are reinforcing that girls like pretty colors and well Girly things. We are squashing out decades of womens lib (the movement that has most damaged women btw) . Girls wanting Girly things somehow makes them inferior to boys apparently, boys who btw have shelves and shelves of very masculine themed (ugly) legos to reinforce their stereotype without one outcry being heard.

Since when did different mean we aren't equal. Men and women; boys and girls have differences. We aren't supposed to be the same. All this relativism makes me so irritated. Just because someone says we are the same because that's their view of how if should be doesn't make it true or change a thing.

Why are we so threatened by girls being feminine. Why is femininity bad. I know the women in our society our obsessed by proving their equal to men. How does taking attributes of woman hood to make us more masculine prove that? Doesn't that make us weaker? That to prove we are equal by shedding what characteristics make us different from men strips us of not only natural identity but power. It makes us seem weaker because women are acting like men to seem equal. Hillary Clinton... Do you hear me? Put those ugly pant suits away.

What is wrong with a girl loving pink or princesses . What is wrong with her wanting to build a house with pastel colors insread of the primary colors of a standard Lego bucket?

Why didn't Lego do this before? I got so tired of the same primary colored blocks plus green. I'd have loved not just pink but other hues of blue to play with. I imagine I'd had have played with legos a heck of a lot more had I been able to expand on the color palate. I wasnt even a Girly kid- I hated pink! ( now my favorite after three baby girls)

So stop being stupid America and let the princesses have their pink blocks. I'm almost positive it won't stop them from becoming successful in life.

I'm buying some tonight for Ellas birthday. Just to fight the stupidity.

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