Monday, January 23, 2012

Make Something Monday- bubble skirt

It's Monday again and I've committed to making things on Monday. I really like it. Sometimes I need motivation to take something from "I should do this sometime" to actually making it happen. The bestie and I are forever saying "we could totally do that" but never do! So this whole Make Something Monday thing is pushing me to create and I love that!

If anyone decides to take a Monday and Make Something, send me a picture and I'll feature you and your wonderful creation! If anyone wants to join me on a Monday and Make Something, lmk we will do it. Creepy stalkers need not apply.

So here is what I made today,

Apparently a super shorty short bubble skirt. Marie-Grace is going to need to wear tights or leggings under this for reals. Otherwise I love it!
Goes great with the American Girl DC store shirt we picked up as souvenirs for Ella's birthday! (ag Post coming tomorrow)

Found the tutorial here

Not really sure if I went a bit overboard on the bubbling or if the numbers were wrong but I'll probably add a tad to the length next time. It was really easy and really fast. I think this will be my go to skirt for when the girls want me to make clothes for their dolls. Try it out for your girls! ( or I'll make ya one for $10:) )

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  1. I know exactly what you mean about just taking the time to sit down and do something! That's what I have plans to do tonight. Except....I guess I need to get off of the computer!

    Super cute bubble skirt!